How to Get Web Design Clients – Building a sustainable web design business

Starting any business is not easy. The same is true for any web design business. Once you have done all your homework and set up your website design business, what will keep it alive? A steady stream of web design clients, of course. That was not a difficult answer, was it? Running any business has […]

What Is A Payment Gateway? How It Works & Integrates With Your ECommerce Site.

We have all heard about payment gateways. Some of us are familiar with it. And for many, it is still a mystery. I think most people get overwhelmed imagining its complexity. I believe people tend to see e-commerce as something that is complex to implement, manage and maintain. Though it is not like that at […]

7 Easy On-Page SEO Optimization Tips To Boost Website Traffic

I get a few friends ask me now and then, how I generate my business income online. They get even more fascinated when they learn that I do not spend a single dime on advertising. All my business income is generated through my website. Though it is just the tip of the iceberg, and over […]

Website Redesign SEO Checklist & Considerations

All websites will undergo a redesign at some point in time during their virtual existence. It is inevitable and has to be carried out due to many factors like aesthetics, changes in technology, been too long with the same design, change in brand image, not doing well in search, for better usability, and many other […]

How to Secure WordPress Site – A Comprehensive Guide

Today I will be discussing and providing tips on how to secure a WordPress site. This comprehensive guide outlines simple and quickly implementable steps to secure your site from the bad guys out there. WordPress, an open-source content Management System (CMS), is the best buddy of a lot of website owners and bloggers out there […]

10 Reasons Why Mobile Optimized Website Helps Grow Your Business

The article discusses why a Mobile Optimized Website is important for businesses. Websites are a great medium to reach your customers. For small and medium-sized businesses, it is important to have a website. And these websites should be optimized for desktops as well as for mobile phones. Today, more and more customers and website visitors […]

5 Reasons To Update A WordPress Site – How To Update WordPress

WordPress is a fantastic tool for creating beautiful and functional websites. It is a tried and tested open source software and we all love to use it to create our websites. But how often do we update WordPress sites after it is ready and live on the net? Or do we even update it at […]

Why A Well Designed Site Is Important?

A Well Designed Site is absolutely critical. Websites are a necessity for every business today. Though some still continue to operate without one, most of them realize that they cannot continue without one for long. Sooner or later they will need a new site or existing one redesigned. I wrote this post titled 5 Strong […]

5 Strong Indicators That You Should Redesign Your Website

Most businesses today have a website in some form or the other. The awareness about websites and their importance is quickly catching up with the masses. People understand today that a website is the best tool for business generation. Businesses know and acknowledge the importance of digital marketing & SEO. And how it has the […]