Online Presence Is Important For Nonprofits

Having an online presence for nonprofits is an important way to connect with their supporters. And also to spread awareness about their cause. Nonprofit organizations simply cannot overlook the importance of the Internet as a medium for spreading the word about themselves.

The first step to this cause is to get a great looking and functional website designed for the non-profit organization. This provides a way for their supporters and members to stay in touch more efficiently. Everyone is online today and missing out on this channel shows a lack of understanding of the potential that this channel holds. It can portray the organization as not being with the times.

Having a strong presence on the internet shows that the non-profit is here to stay for good. And that they have invested in a medium that is easily accessible to many. People can go on the website at any time and get more information on the organization. Which lets people connect easily and that gives them confidence.

Customized Web Design for non profits

Customized Web Design For Non Profit Organizations

The nonprofit website should be fully customized to allow the organization to convey its message easily. The mission & vision of the NGO should be appropriately conveyed with the use of proper images, graphics, videos, text etc.

The nonprofits web design should incorporate these carefully chosen images, graphics, videos, texts etc. that conveys their mission & vision. They should also include testimonials of useful services rendered by them.

Every organization including nonprofits is different. They have different values, missions, and visions. When a visitor first approaches the site, the look and feel of the “not for profit website” should convey immediately what the charitable institution stands for. What they believe in. And what they wish to accomplish, or the cause of their existence.

This can only be done with a good deal of thought going into brand and image building during the nonprofit web design process. By using appropriate colors and images, using appropriate language and content that actually appeals to their visitors. So that visitors become advocates for the non-profit organization.

Online donation for NGOs banner

Online Donation Feature & Implementation

Many non-profit organizations rely on online donations for meeting their day to day expenses, and for supporting activities directed to their cause. It is an important activity that can make or break an non-profit business.

It is a fact that one needs funds to carry out charitable activities. And non availability of funds can render a not-for-profit organization helpless. We have extensive knowledge of online payment gateways and how we can incorporate them with your non profit organization website. We can guide you with choices, and also advise on the best payment gateway options for your country. Once you finalize, we can take care of integrating the payment gateway with your nonprofit website seamlessly. We streamline everything so that the payment making process is easier for the user to understand and use.

Optimize Non Profit Website Using SEO & Marketing

It is important to optimize a nonprofit entity website so that it reaches the maximum people possible. It is important to see how people are interacting with the site. Tracking conversions to see where people are leaving the site. And how to improve those areas to retain visitors for longer. Creating a marketing strategy to convert visitors into repeat audiences and to help them connect with your cause.

Implementing Newsletter signups, social media, RSS feeds are just some of the strategies that should be used to stay connected with your supporters. Looking to see which pages have the highest bounce rate and working out strategy to reduce them wherever possible. Your non-profit website can benefit by utilizing SEO to create a long term continual stream of visitors. It is important to identify the keywords that your supporters are using to find organizations like yours. And then to optimize your website for those keywords. This will provide a stream of long term targeted visitors to your website.

Social Media For Non Profits

Nonprofits should utilize the social media like any other organization to leverage their online reach and form a community with like minded people and supporters. It is like community building for turning visitors into supporters. The blog is a powerful tool, and it becomes even more powerful when combined with social media platforms.

Non profit web design should include blogs that create effective and compelling content. This content then can be syndicated to members & supporters. The blog posts should also be shared on social media platforms for maximum reach. The supporters, in turn, can spread their message further.

All this goes into creating a community and making a big difference in spreading your message across to existing and new users.

Discounts On Our Non Profit Website Design Services

We offer discounts on web design for nonprofit organizations. We believe nonprofits bridge an important gap and provide a much-needed service to the poor and the downtrodden. It can be in the form of financial help, jobs, food, proper advice, counseling, or legal aid. This is all done for the greater good of mankind, animals, and the environment.

We would like to show our support for charitable institutions by giving you a discounted price on our non profit website design services for nonprofits like yourself.

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