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Experienced WordPress Developers

We have been at the forefront of WordPress development since we can remember. It has been over 10+ years that we are developing websites, plugins & applications with WordPress. Over the years we have gathered immense experience working with our past clients. And we are ready to pass on that experience over to the projects that we do with you.

WordPress today is the number 1 CMS platform out there. It powers over 32% of all sites on the web. That indeed is a big achievement in itself. And we are proud to be offering the best to our clients. Whatever your requirements are, probably we have a solution for you. We can convert your Photoshop designs to WordPress, convert HTML to WordPress, develop custom themes, plugins, offer e-commerce solutions with WooCommerce and more.

Customized WordPress Development Services

Listing all the development work we do for you
WP Theme Development

WordPress Themes

A sound theme is the backbone of your website. The looks, aesthetics, colors, layouts, everything depends on the theme itself. Therefore, we develop custom themes with the highest standards and accepted practices of coding that makes your site stand out from the competition. And at the same time ensuring safety and security.

HTML to WP theme

HTML To WordPress Conversion

Have an HTML site that you need converting to WordPress? We are here to help you do this. Sometimes, you just love the design of your HTML based site. But would love to include the additional functions and features that only a WordPress site can offer. In that case, we can always convert your HTML based site to WordPress keeping the design intact.

PSD to WP Theme

PSD To WordPress Conversion

You provide us with the Photoshop design files (PSDs) for your website and we convert the design into a fully functional WordPress site. Sometimes you may want to get the Photoshop design done by a particular company of your choice. And would then want a WordPress coder to convert those designs into a WordPress theme. Look no further, we do all sorts of PSD to WordPress conversions for you.

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E-Commerce Development

WordPress and WooCommerce are made for each other when it comes to implementing e-commerce websites today. You have a vision of the features & functions you want in your e-commerce site. Our design & programming team makes it a reality and delivers as you envisioned. Your site includes everything you expect from an e-commerce website today. Not only will it be feature packed but at the same time, you get the ease and convenience of WordPress. What more can you ask for?

WP Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

Website maintenance is absolutely necessary for the upkeep of your website. And to guarantee that your site always runs in optimal condition. Maintaining a WordPress site requires time and effort. It is better to outsource it to the professionals and take care of what matters to you most, i.e. the growth of your own business. You concentrate on running your business and we will manage your site for you.

Plugin development

Plugin Development

We provide reliable and trustworthy WordPress plugin development. From a simple social media plugin to something as complex as tracking your internal processes. Our team of programmers and designers are ready to deliver solutions that you envisage for your business.

Committed To Providing Excellence

Providing high performance, impeccable, and quality WordPress development & consulting services that are scalable and tailored to your needs. Innovation combined with trusted methodologies delivering solutions with competitive pricing, thus maximizing your return on investment.

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Customized Development Solutions

WordPress has countless plugins that can be used to extend it to add additional features and functionality needed by your site. However, existing solutions may offer partly what you need. And opting for them may be a good idea if your requirement is not specific. But more often than not, you will find that they do not exactly meet your requirements. And that you need a customized solution designed to fit your business needs.

Our custom WordPress development services are designed to offer high-performance solutions that offer the much-needed synchronization between your web application and your needs. It is tailor-made to address your issues and concerns. Setting up those sleek and sizzling features with a well thought out development process is easily accomplished by our programmers and designers.

Have a specific requirement for your site? We can help you build that versatile and impactful web application that can be scaled and efficiently maintained over time. Our skilled designers create that perfect theme & template with alluring graphics, which at the same time renders perfectly on all platforms. Making your website 100% Responsive thus maximizing its reach as much as possible. Talk to us today to discuss the feasibility, costs, and time frame for your project.

Professional WordPress Design Services

Beautiful Handcoded Sites With A 100% Mobile Friendly Layout

We have been working with WordPress for so long that we are 100% proficient in this technology. We know it inside out. And we want to translate our expertise into beautiful websites for you that helps your business look smarter in the eyes of your customers & competitors.

WordPress CMS

WordPress is the number one Content Management System that is used to build websites today. So you know you are opting for the best. It powers over 32% of all websites on the internet. That is indeed a big achievement given the number of different platforms out there that can serve as an alternative to WordPress. If so many people can trust WordPress, so can you. Indeed, WordPress is preferred over all other solutions by both the designers and the end users alike. Here the end users would include you, the business owner.

Why? Because it is so simple and easy to use. It is flexible enough and powers enough punch to deliver the solutions that you want. All we want to say here is that WordPress is the best choice to build your website on.

Features You Can Expect In Your Website

Please find listed below the list of features and functionality that you can expect on the website we design for you. Beside each of these features, I have also tried to explain how they benefit your website in the long run. And how each of those features is good for your business.

responsive mobile friendly design

100% Responsive Design And Mobile Friendly

A website that displays perfectly on all devices ensures that it reaches the maximum users possible.

Homepage slider feature

Homepage Rotating Banner / Slider

It is the perfect way to showcase your important products or services to your website visitors.

a customized layout

Custom Design & Layout

A unique website built specifically around your business makes it look professional, efficient, and has a higher conversion rate.

Innovative Design

Innovative & Artistic Design. Not Just Another Website

Innovation is the key. What differentiates us from others is the artistic value we into it. It shouldn’t be just another website!

no fixed page size

No General Fixed Size For A Page. But Again You Have To Promise Not To Make It Insanely Long

Ha ha ha! Seriously! Don’t take advantage of us here though. Some companies do restrict the number of words on a page, which cannot be good for SEO. We don’t do that of course.

Contact forms for the website

Contact Forms Included. Email Sent To Your Email Id

Contact forms are vital as they let your customers and users get in touch with you easily.

Image gallery included

Gallery Included To Showcase Your Products, Portfolio Etc.

What better way to showcase your artistic portfolio than with an old-fashioned gallery! Easy and intuitive interface to manage them at all times.

publish the website

We Will Publish The Website To Your Main Domain / URL Upon Completion

We take care of the website from Start to Finish for you.

search engine friendly design

Search Engine Friendly Design

Includes standard compliant code to ensure the design & layout is search engine friendly.

link to social sites

We Link Your Site To Social Networking Sites Like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest And More

We link your site to all your social media sites. You must let your users know that your business is socially active and where they can find you.

Other Important Features Included With Every WordPress Site With Us

  • An unlimited number of revisions. No bar on the number of revisions. But you have to promise not to take advantage of this.
  • No general fixed length for a page. But again you have to promise not to make it insanely long.
  • A sufficient number of pages are included with every design package. The number of pages is dependent on the package you choose.
  • Additional pages cost a nominal $39/page. (Its only fair you pay us for the additional work we do, right?)
  • Full website maintenance included for 1 year with every website we build for you.
  • Hosting on our fast dedicated cloud-based server is complimentary with every website. Actually, if we host the site for you, it is easier to maintain for us.
WordPress CMS

Includes WordPress CMS

➤ Website built on top of the most popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress. Read here on Why WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms for your site. ➤ Add or edit pages & post on the site. ➤ Add images, videos, content to the site yourself. ➤ Ability to update the core software that runs your site at the click of a button. So your site stays up to date and more secure.

➤ Ability to add features & functions to your site by installing plugins in when needed. Future-proof your site. ➤ In the future, if you need a redesign, you only change the theme. Content and data on the site remain intact. So website & URLs stay the same which is great for SEO and also saves time, money, and energy. ➤ WordPress is a very SEO friendly CMS. ➤ Read here to learn more about the benefits of a CMS website.

fully custom designed website

Custom Designed

➤ Custom User Interface (UI) design. Fully customized design for maximum utility, usability & appeal.

➤ No ready made theme used with this custom WordPress design package.

➤ Less code bulk. Since the theme is hand coded, therefore less code bulk, unlike website using a ready-made theme, with loads of unnecessary CSS & JavaScript.

➤ Therefore, the hand-coded site is faster with better load times. Better performance. ➤ Better for SEO. ➤ Site looks unique. Not just another similar site.

Fully Responsive Design

100% Responsive Layout

The customized WordPress design package is absolutely a must if you are truly serious about your business. You don’t have the option to try around different things to see what works and what doesn’t. That could mean wasting a lot of your precious time.

The aim should be to get the website right the first time around. Then let it get indexed in Google and other search engines. Build a community around your business using social media and other networking sites. And let everyone know that where they can find you online.

A handcrafted site that is tailored around your business boosts confidence among your online visitors and customers. They find the information that they are looking for in the right places. They can easily access your site on various devices, which can help immensely in converting them into long-term customers.

Why Choose Us?

We use industry standards and best coding practices to design and develop your website. We were among the first to adopt the Responsive Website Designing technology when it was introduced many years back and offered it to our clients. We have mastered this art.

You can be assured of a beautifully designed and well-coded site when you work with us.

In fact, we encourage you to go through our online portfolio to check the sites we have created for our previous clients. So that you can get an idea and an indication of the website you are going to get yourself. When you are viewing the sites in our portfolio, try re-sizing the browser width to see how the layout changes and adapts to the new browser width. That what a mobile-friendly website does.

Love to see you onboard with us.