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custom ecommerce website

Sell More with a Uniquely Designed Ecommerce Website

Custom ecommerce website design will give your website the unique look it deserves.

Get a professional look. Create trust in your customers. And sell more.

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Custom ecommerce web design is a lot different than the other web design packages we offer. A custom ecommerce website means that we stay involved with you a lot longer. We spend time understanding your requirements. What your goals and business objectives are. Who are your end customers and what are their expectations from your site? We design your site taking into consideration all of the above factors.

Custom Ecommerce Website Development Process

Once we have gathered all of the information we need, we start building your custom ecommerce website for you. First we create a wireframe for your site. A wireframe is basically a skeletal framework or layout. It shows the placement of web design elements on the web page. It is designed keeping in view users expectations and to improve their experience on your site. Then comes the design phase. We give you a link at this stage that you can use to view your custom ecommerce design online. The website is then finally completed, with your inputs.

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Technologies We Use

We use WordPress to design your ecommerce website. We hand-code the theme for you. Since it is a customized ecommerce website design package.

We use WordPress because we believe it is the best CMS to use for your website. The website is fully Responsive and displays optimally on all mobile devices. It is so important today, as most people are on mobile devices most of the time.

We use WooCommerce to implement the ecommerce functionality. You can see the list of features that come with WooCommerce here:

WooComerce is built for WordPress. Therefore, both uses HTML5, CSS3, PHP & MySQL technologies to run it. They are open source and free to use. These make it perfect for your custom ecommerce website design.

The Beginning Of a Relationship

Once it is live, it is not the end of it. Rather it is the beginning.

The beginning of a continuous, mutually beneficial association between you and us. Where you need us to continually work with you by your site.

You need us to test the website is working as intended. Take care of the tax rules, complicated shipping rules, payment methods and a host of other things. There is hosting & maintenance; to see that there is no downtime. And the regular consultations regarding what is best for your site.

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Ecommerce Website Marketing

You need marketing for your tailor-made e-commerce website. We help your custom-built site reach a wider audience. Thus providing the much needed SEO as well as digital marketing services to promote your site.

We analyze your site to make intelligent decisions that places your bespoke ecommerce site higher in search rankings. The better your rankings, the more sales you make.

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