An Overview of The Most Popular Web Development Frameworks in 2023

Web development has evolved significantly over the years, and one of the key drivers of this evolution is the advent of powerful web development frameworks. These frameworks provide developers with a structured and efficient way to build dynamic and responsive web applications. In 2023, several web development frameworks have gained immense popularity for their features, […]

Understanding Different Types of Mobile Apps

When it comes to mobile app development, developers today have a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the right approach for building their applications. One can choose between Native, hybrid, and cross-platform to name just a few popular types of mobile apps. Each has its own characteristics and advantages, of course. In this […]

Git Commands Cheat Sheet – List of Commonly Used Git Commands for easy referencing.

Git is no doubt the indispensable tool in the modern developers’ toolkit.  It is an awesome tool that facilitates many people to simultaneously work on different parts of the same project. And later, merge them all together in a magical way. The steps get repeated over and over as the project evolves over time. And […]

Why You Should Avoid Using Site Builders to Build Your Website!

This topic could be very controversial as many people love site builders and find them convenient and easy to use. Website builders are gaining popularity each day. Indeed, their popularity has already skyrocketed. If you buy a new WordPress theme, the chances that it would come bundled with a Page Maker or a Site Builder […]

How to generate your own Twitter API Keys

This article outlines in detail the steps you need to take to get your own Twitter API keys from start to finish. This process can be divided into two main parts. First is the process for applying for a developer account Second is to create an app with Twitter Though this article is written primarily […]

How To Reset WordPress Admin Password Quickly Using These Simple Steps

So, you are having password troubles. Not to worry. Because we will look at different ways to quickly reset your WordPress admin password. WordPress is super easy and versatile to use. That is why it is one of the most popular content management system (CMS) out there. People love it because it is so simple […]

How to move WordPress site to a new server or a new domain (zero downtime) – Step by step guide

Let’s quickly lay down what we are going to learn in this article. We are going to see in detail the steps needed in shifting WordPress from one server to another. And we are also going to see how you can switch your domain name. In other words, change the domain name that is used […]

How To Install WordPress Manually With cPanel On Any Hosting

In this article, we will learn how to install WordPress on your website. This is a very straightforward task and does not require more than 10 to 15 minutes of your time. If you are used to it and have done this before, you can get this accomplished under 5 minutes with ease. Most hosting […]

How to Setup Google Analytics on WordPress: An Easy Guide

WordPress truly makes many things easy. Including adding Google Analytics to WordPress. So today in this article we will learn about Google Analytics and the different ways you can integrate Google Analytics to your site. Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to understand how your customers interact with your site. It basically […]

Essential Web Design Tips: For An Effective New Website

So finally you have made up your mind now. You need a new website. It could be your personal website or your business website. But, at least, there is a certainty that a website is required. Now the next logical question is, what are the essential web design considerations that you need to keep in […]