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    Frequently Asked Questions

    So What After Filling The Web Design Quote Form?

    Once you fill up the quote form, you should receive an automated email confirmation for the same immediately in your email. You should expect to receive the actual web design quote within the next 24 working hours. Sometimes it would be much quicker.

    Will You Call On Our Given Phone Number?

    Usually, we won’t call you. Our preferred mode of communication is through email. It is actually a good thing considering that we work with various countries from across the globe spanning many time zones. Ascertaining the best time to call can become quite a challenge. In such a situation email works out perfectly fine.

    However, we will call you if you actually feel the need to talk one on one prior to starting the web design project.

    What Would Be Included In The Web Design Quote?

    We will first send you a tentative design quote, which outlines briefly what is involved, the technologies we will use, and the tentative time-frame from the project. Once you revert to that email in affirmative, we will send you a detailed proposal in PDF format. Signing is usually not required for smaller projects unless the client wants to have it signed. For us, a simple email acceptance of the proposal is good.

    Have You Worked With Anyone From My Country?

    The chances are that we already have, if you belong to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or other parts of Europe. To see the list of websites we have built in the past please visit our web design portfolio. Next to each of the project, we also have the country mentioned.

    Can You Give Me Your Client’s Contact Details?

    Please note that by visiting our client’s website from our portfolio, it is possible to reach our clients. However, we would strongly advise against contacting & disturbing our clients. Imagine how you would feel if prospective clients kept contacting you to ask about the experience you had working with us?

    I Already Have Domain & Hosting.

    That is fine. It is not required for you to switch hosting to us or transfer your domain to us in order for you to work with us. We are happy to work with your existing hosting provider while publishing the final site for you. However, many clients do prefer to hand over their site maintenance and upkeep to us. In such a situation, it is a better option to have your site hosted with us. It makes it easy for us to manage your site on an ongoing basis.

    What Does The Actual Design Process Involve?

    After the quotation and proposal phase is over and the project is under way, the steps are as follows:

    1. Client Questionnaire to understand your requirement in depth.
    2. Wireframes and actual design.
    3. Client feedback for changes and amendments.
    4. Coding the design to convert to an actual site.
    5. Client’s feedback.
    6. Finalizing the website.
    7. Final payment and uploading the site to client’s preferred host.

    The above lists the tentative steps that follow after a project has been finalized after the initial web design quote.