Web Design Discounts

We offer awesome discounts on our web design services. On this page, you will find the listings of the web design discounts we are currently offering.

Looking For Web Design Discounts?

Well, who doesn’t like a few freebies thrown in from time to time? We do. And if you can get a rebate without compromising on the quality of the website or services, wouldn’t you be delighted? We love to delight you by providing concessions & price deductions whenever possible, along with great and timely services. Actually, you can call us “Discount web designer” looking at the number of discounts & promotions we are running throughout the year! We are listing below a few of the complimentary services along with the Web Design Discounts we are offering currently. Also, make it a point to check this page regularly to see if we are running any new mega discounts for you. Hope you like what we have here. Alright, here you go:

Fully Managed Website pic

Discount 1:
Fully Managed Website – Complimentary

Free maintenance + powerful cloud hosting for (1 year) with every web design

Yes, we provide free website maintenance throughout the year for all new websites that you get designed by us. We also include powerful cloud hosting for your website on our fast web servers.

See details here: WordPress Website Maintenance

Not many customers understand the importance of a well-maintained site. It can be a “do or die” decision for your website.I believe most website owners think they will be able to manage their site just fine. But in reality, they struggle & run into many complications, which take up a lot of their valuable time to resolve. Many things can break your website. It doesn’t happen most of the time. But things do go wrong and you need someone with expertise on your side to get your site up and running as quickly as possible. Issues with your domain, hosting, DNS, website updations, the addition of posts & pages, content etc.

That is why we include a certain number of hours each month complimentary to take care of any issues that may arise with your website. Whether it is Consulting or managing your website, we take care of it all. Get in touch today.

Let us handle your website for you.
Refer A Friend banner

Discount 2:
Refer A Friend – Get 20% OFF On Both Sites

20% Off for both you & your friend

You are thinking of getting your website designed. Do you have a friend or an acquaintance who also needs a website? Because it can turn out to be very profitable for both of you!

Need a great looking website but need a huge 20% OFF on the listed price of any web design package? Then simply tag along a friend of yours, who needs a great looking website too. Not only do you get a whopping 20% OFF, your friend also gets 20% OFF too. Your friend will be grateful to you for getting him the discount, along with a great looking website.

If you refer 2 Friends, you get 40% OFF

You can refer a friend anytime during your ongoing project with us. But you must refer before your website is completed. That way, we can adjust the discount into your final invoice. Nothing complicated right? You get a deduction of 20% on your final invoice. And so does your friend. Along with this you also get the 1-year Maintenance & Hosting Complimentary with us.

Christmas discount banner

Discount 3:
Christmas & New Year Discount!! FLAT 20% OFF

Discount valid for the month of Dec & Jan

Want to start your web design project in the month of December Or January? You have more to rejoice than just for the celebrations!! You will get a discount of FLAT 20% OFF on your project cost.

As the year draws to its end, it is time to thank all of you who believed in us and let us handle your precious websites for you. I am confident we did not let you down and created sites that reflect your business and who you are. It will be an asset that will make more money and create awareness for you and your business as time goes by.

This is that time of the year again, when there are festivities all around, mixed feelings of happiness for the newer things to come, and just a little bit of melancholy for the things that are being left behind. But above all HAPPINESS all around.

Hope this has been a good year for all of you folks and I sincerely hope there will be much more happiness in the coming year. Perhaps, this will be the last post you read from us this year. So before we say goodbye to this year, we wanted to offer you more happiness in the form of discount in the web design services we offer.

No need to qualify to get the discount. Everyone is eligible.

Get a Flat 20% Off on All Web Design services this Christmas & New Year. Get your website redesigned or better get a completely new one.

Use the coupon code XMAS-NEWYEAR on the “Request A Quote” form on our website.

The coupon code “XMAS-NEWYEAR” must be mentioned before the start of your project. Discount cannot be availed if the coupon code is mentioned during or after the completion of the project.

Discount 4:
Web Design Discount For Non Profits | FLAT 15% OFF

All Non-Profit Organizations & Charitable Institutions Get 15% OFF

Non Profits do so much for the underprivileged. Here is a FLAT 15% OFF to all non profits.

See details of web design for non profits here: Non Profit Website Design

Not for profit organizations & charitable institutions provide a much required humanitarian aid to the needy. They work for so many causes like Education, Environment, alleviating poverty, fight animal cruelty and so much more. Some charitable institutions are also working across borders to the help the lesser privileged.

We at Ray Creations would like to offer our support by proving discounts to nonprofit organizations and institutions. At present we are offering 15% discount on all our web design and marketing services.