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The idea is to establish a win-win relationship, where we all reap the benefits of a mutually beneficial association. You could be an individual or an organization looking to partner to provide essential technical support and maintenance for your client’s websites. Individuals can refer clients and make anywhere from 20% to 30% from each referral.

If you are a company outside of India and want to partner with us for your specific region. Talk to us to find out the possibilities, opportunities and the benefits we can bring to your organization.

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Web Design Partnership With Web Design Firms & Companies

We are looking for Web Design Partnership with companies who wish to outsource to us for obvious benefits, that accrue with such type of collaboration. These would be existing companies who may benefit by partly or completely outsourcing their web design projects to us.

We are also looking for web design partnership with individuals who may have a flair for marketing but do not have much experience in the field of web design, they can benefit by taking advantage of our experience and expertise in this field. We can help them by providing guidance and consultancy in day to day running of their business as well. You may also be a small setup lacking the professional skills necessary to create quality websites that your clients want.

Taking this further, quality and good design can only be maintained when time and value are given to a project. The focus here is on QUALITY and not on volume. We are only looking Partner with Web Design Companies who themselves strive to offer quality rather than offer services at cheap prices. We are looking for long term meaningful Web Design Partnerships where both parties stand to gain from each other.

The majority of work we do involve Web Design with WordPress Content Management System (CMS). We would like to explore this area initially. These type of projects are simple, easy to implement, and has a quick turnaround time; which is beneficial for both parties.

Most of our clients today are from Australia, UK, USA and different parts of Europe. We already have a few Web Design Partners that outsource web design to us on a regular basis from these regions. A major chunk of our client base today are direct clients from Australia, UK, USA, and Europe.

We Would Like To Find More Outsourcing Partners To Form Meaningful Mutually Beneficial Partnerships On A Long Term Basis.

If you think you would like to explore the idea of a web design partnership with us, you are most welcome to contact us We would love to hear from you.

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Web Design Partnership With Direct Businesses, Firms & Individuals.

If you run a business in this day and age, then you certainly have an online reputation for your business to manage. Starting with a good custom web design for your business, to social media profiles, online marketing, search engine optimization, content updates, websites updates, managing hosting, technical aspects of hosting and website, and a host of other such services.

All these need time and effort to maintain. A lot of business just get the website designed once and then forget about it. The next time they remember about the site is when it needs a renewal of hosting contract. I have seen clients, who have never updated theirs in their entire lifespan of the website. From the time of its birth to its death. Moreover, it is not going to be such a surprise to most, as most of the businesses would fall in this category.

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Be Proactive – Give Your Online Presence A Better Chance To Thrive

Most people say they don’t have time, energy or money for the website. Do they do the same with other social aspects of their life? I hope not. Most people defer something only when they deem it non-important at present and can be put off for the future. This is what I call the difference between living a proactive life and leading a life of attending to only urgent and important matter most of the time.

I would like to reference here one of my favorite book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. Read it, if you haven’t already done so. You will understand the importance of being Proactive. And how taking care of things now that needs to be done and can be done now, will keep you from being stuck in a quadrant where you are always busy with emergency situations.

Putting it simply, if you create a website and an online presence for your business, learn to take care of it and nurture it. It will pay you dividends in time. And why am I explaining this to you? Well, because we can help you with this aspect of your business. We can take care of your business’s online presence for you. We want to you to reach out to us and discuss the potential Web Design Partnership and how we can manage different aspects of your business for you. Contact us now.

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A Web Design Partnership would mean a deeper involvement into the business itself. The website is just a part of it. Partnership would mean taking on more responsibilities like :

Upkeep of the site, Hosting & Maintenance, Managing Server, Marketing, SEO, Troubleshooting issues with the site, Collaborating, Emails and so much more

Since we are talking collaboration with both Web Design Firms & individuals, and also between direct clients; I will talk about both of them separately below.

Committed To Providing Excellence

Providing high performance, impeccable, and quality WordPress development & consulting services that are scalable and tailored to your needs. Innovation combined with trusted methodologies delivering solutions with competitive pricing, thus maximizing your return on investment.

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Outsource Web Design To Ray Creations In India

Ray Creations is a growing web design company looking for overseas individuals, web design firms and also directly with business and companies to partner with. We see great potential and advantages that accrue out of this web design partnership. We seek partnership both with web design businesses, and also directly between us and the businesses seeking our web design services, i.e. our direct clients.

This kind of collaboration is more than just offering web design services. It is unlike a quick web design service where we both go our own way, once the web design project is over.

That is why it is a partnership, a collaboration, a sort of alliance that is for a longer term than simple web design projects. With simple web design projects, the completion of the project itself marks the end of the journey together. Whether it be an outsourced web design project from an outsourcing vendor, or a web design project with a direct business or client. However, with a web design partnership, the completion of the design would usually just mark the beginning of the relationship.