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We do industrial web design.

Industries & manufacturing businesses require a website that is original and unique which sets them apart from their competition. Many industrial businesses rely a lot on word of mouth publicity. While that is certainly needed, a distinctly creative industrial website can do a lot more.

We create websites that help establish your brand and authority in your niche.

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industrial web design

Industrial Website Design: Why you need it!

There are plenty of reasons why an industrial business like yours need a website.

Your manufacturing website can serve many purposes. Apart from providing plant and factory information, you can also set up a portal for communication between different departments. Each can have forms that they need to fill and submit for different procedures. And other departments and heads can access them at any time making communication between departments much smoother.

Certain manufacturing industries can also benefit by integrating logistics and shipping details with their website enabling customers to track their orders and shipments directly through your site. Happy customers always translate into more business.

Industries like Machine shops, waterjets manufacturers, plastic manufacturing, injection molding, all can benefit from our design expertise in this field. Talk to us to see how we can help you implement these customized features on your manufacturing websites.

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Serves as Your Industrial Brochure

Serves as Your Industrial Brochure

First, it will serve as a brochure for your prospective customers. They can get much of the information they need through your website. The kind of industrial products you make & sell. These products can be listed on your website into different categories & segments. Each product can have many photos and their detail description and specification. Before a customer calls, they would have researched your products online through your website. And they can make a informed decision.

Add a lot of pics of your manufacturing plant and machinery. The manufacturing website can describe in detail your processes. The different type of machinery you use that helps with better quality.

All this will go a long way in creating confidence among your customers and suppliers.

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Manufacturing Website Design:
Serves As a Marketing Tool

As we mentioned above that many industries & manufacturers rely a lot on word of mouth advertising. But a website can achieve a lot more. It can connect your production business with customers from all over the globe. Anyone searching for your industrial goods can be your potential customer.

Our digital marketing & SEO services can take your business to new heights. Tap into new markets and generate newer sources of revenue.

Sell Online: Industrial Ecommerce Website

Not only can you showcase your industrial goods, but you can sell it directly online to your customers. Your industrial website will have all ecommerce capabilities. From shopping cart, to online payments, to keeping record of all your orders and customers. You can have it all.

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Share News & Events On Your Website

Keep your customers updated with all the latest happening your industry. Share news about company on your blog. New joining, promotions, awards, collaborations, there is so much to write about. There is always so much to be shared with your customers. Remember, out of sight, out of mind. There stay connected with your audience at all times. It makes perfect business sense.

Moreover, there are so many events taking place to showcase your industrial products. Whenever you take part in any such event, let everyone know about it on our blog section. It will go a long way in building confidence among users.

Mobile Friendly Industrial Web Design

We design mobile friendly websites for manufacturing, textiles, metal fabrication, and waterjet machinery. Your website is accessible on all pcs, desktops, smartphones, tabs, and handheld devices. After all, your customers could access your website using any medium. You cannot afford to lose out on customers. That is why we build your industrial websites to display optimally on all devices. See our Responsive web design section for more details.

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