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Ray Creations Help you achieve higher organic rankings in Google

Help you achieve higher organic rankings in Google

We are discussing below how a Search Engine Optimization Company like us, can help you achieve higher organic rankings in Google search results.

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More people Prefer Online Shopping

It is important to understand that there has been a tremendous growth in online shopping throughout the world. When we say throughout the world, we mean the upward trend is visible not only in the affluent nations, but also across poorer nations of the globe.

More and more people are looking to the Internet today to search for the products and services they require.

Every passing day more and more people are going online to find the products and services that they otherwise would have gone to a brick and mortar shop to buy.

Better online security, safer transactions and shopping from the comfort of your home could be some of the reasons for contributing to this change.

Many online companies today offer free shipping on purchases over a certain amount, faster delivery of the products across nation and international borders, easy return policy, and easier methods of making and receiving payments.

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Some other factors contributing to the growth of the online market could be attributed to increased internet availability & faster connectivity in rural and backward regions of a nation, making the internet available to wider population. Education is also playing its own role, where the new generation is more internet-savvy and thus embracing new technology at a much faster rate.

Moreover, products and services are usually cheaper online compared to a physical store, due to less overhead costs. You will also find a lot of options online to compare from the comfort of your home, before you decide to purchase.

Not to mention the reviews of other users of that product or service that can help you make the right choice.

Then there are some products and services that are best purchased and sold online. Like goods and services that are sold across the border, for reasons ranging from cheap cost to non availability of that product or service in your local region or market. This means a huge business potential for online shops & business. And anyone lacking adequate online visibility is, without any doubt, missing out on this opportunity.

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So What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is a technique that is used by Search Engine Optimization Company, to rank one’s site higher in the natural or unpaid search results. When you search for something, Google and other search engines, display a list of results in terms of relevancy to the searcher’s query. The more relevant results are shown on the top and the lesser ones at the bottom. Now it is easy to understand that what is shown on the top will get the maximum clicks, and it goes down as you go down the list of results. And more clicks translates to more business and more revenue for you.

Many queries will bring up tens of thousands of results, running into millions. So what are the odds that if left to chance your site will rank number one in million? Or lets say for that matter, on the first or the second page? Not many. You need a digital marketing plan and a strategy to make your site the most relevant in the eyes of the search engine, to outrank your competition.

Search Engine Optimization involves a set of industry recognized procedures that when applied, by a Search Engine Optimization Company like us, in context to your website will help it to achieve higher natural rankings or in industry terms organic search placement.

To put it simply, a Search Engine Optimization Company can help you feature higher in Google search results. However, do remember that no one can guarantee a particular result as it is not in anyone’s hand.

The rankings are controlled by a set of algorithms designed by Google and other search engines to produce the best relevant search results so that it is helpful to the end user, that is the person searching for answers. So we make your website more relevant for certain keywords or key phrases which your customers are likely to use to search for your products or services, so that you website is more relevant to your end users. Your end users must find your website useful.

Is there a magic pill that will make your site rank higher instantly?

No, there is no such thing as a magic pill here, but plenty of research, analysis of the site, keyword research, keyword mapping, creating relevant content that people are searching, find who your competitors are, what they are doing, etc.


the most important factor of all still remains the backlinks that other sites give you. There are considered as votes or recommendations to your site. This indicates how well know you are among your community. A major part of the effort will go towards getting more desirable links to your site.

This is a continuous process, at any point of time, you cannot stop

We must continuously monitor your site to make sure that it adheres to the ethical SEO guidelines and recommendations set out by Google.

We must seek out more opportunities for more links, for more content, and better content on the site. But the results can far exceed any other medium of advertisement available to you.

SEO has the potential to create a continuous stream of business and revenue, like no other medium of advertisement can offer.

The best part we like about SEO is that it turns the marketing game around totally.

In all other medium of advertisement, you are practically chasing the customer. When a website is well optimized and features higher in search results, you get a continuous stream of customers looking for you!

How good is that? Instead of your business chasing around the customers, the customers are now knocking at your door.

How Can We, As A Search Engine Optimization Company, Help You?

You are aware that there are tens of thousands of results for search terms that your customers are using to find you. Therefore, to be among the top ten requires strategy and effort. Just wishing or leaving it on mere chance would not help your business. If you have ever advertised on Google using AdWords, where you bid for a position in the paid search results; you will quickly understand how profitable it is to be ranking for those keywords by looking at the sheer amount people are willing to pay for them. It is profitable that is why people are paying so much for each click or a set of impressions for the paid listings.

Natural rankings are better of course, as they are more relevant to what people are searching for. It is well known that people trust organic search results more than paid advertisements.

We as a Search Engine Optimization Company, can work with you to understand your business, your objectives, we can analyze your competition, what keywords they are optimizing for, analyze our backlink profile, analyze competitions backlink profile, working on onsite optimization of your site.

We employ industry recognized Search Engine Optimization procedures, both on page and off page, to make your site more relevant than your competition. There is no magic wand. It must be understood that SEO is a long term process and your rankings get better with every passing day.

Steps Involved In the Search Engine Optimization Process

We will attempt to briefly go through the major steps involved in the SEO process for a site.

First phase
Discovery & Analysis

  • This is the first phase where we begin by understanding your business and your objectives.
  • We study your site to understand the deficiencies and what needs to be done to set it right.
    This phase of the research is very important and can have an overwhelming impact on the success of the entire campaign.
  • This is the time, analysis is done to research your competition. Some competitors you could be aware of and some may need to be discovered.
  • One way to find out about competition is to analyze the search results for a particular key word or term and see the search results and compare them to your own position.
Competitors would be businesses who have similar objectives compared to your business, and who are also bidding or optimizing on the same keywords as your business. They are competitors because they are looking to acquire the same customers as your business.

Second phase
Keyword Analysis

Once you have made a list of your competition, it is time to analyze the keywords they are optimizing on. You may want to compare those with you your own list.

To get started, you need to analyze the keywords for you are ranking yourself. Are those relevant keywords? What is the search volume? Are people searching those key phrases at all?

  • Our approach here would be to create a file for each of your competitor.
  • The file should include the keywords they are optimizing for,
  • the search volume for each keywords,
  • and their respective position in search results for each keyword for a given location.
  • Recording the level of competition in for each keyword is also important.
  • One should also make a note of the bidding value in Google AdWords for that particular keyword.
  • If you see that no one is bidding for that particular keyword, it may be an indication that the keyword is of no commercial value.
  • You don’t want to optimize for keywords that bring irrelevant traffic to your site, that does not convert to business.

This would constitute one file for one competitor. We need to analyze and create such files for most of your competitors. Once that is in place, we will combine all files together and create one master file. This file would have all the information one needs to analyze the keywords your competition is using and ranking for. It will give us the right direction to choose the keywords for your site.

Third phase
Analyze, Optimize, Create Landing Pages

You have your chosen keywords in place. Now, it is time to analyze the site and see if you have the right landing pages for each keyword. It is an important task where we map your keywords to pieces of content on your site or pages. If a particular keyword necessitates the creation of a new landing page, then it should be done. Moreover, the more useful content you have on your site, the more chances of that content being ranking in search results.

Fourth phase
Optimize Landing Pages – On Page Optimization

Once you have mapped your landing pages to your keywords, and created new landing pages wherever required; it is time to optimize them now. Optimizing landing pages are a painstaking process and can take a whole lot of time and energy. It is definitely not done overnight. Some of the steps involved are, creating the right title & description, and writing a compelling copy for the page. Ensure you have your chosen keywords in the title, description and spread naturally over the entire page copy. The information should be engaging, useful, and should be able to hold the audiences attention so that they spend time on the page and actually read it. People leaving too soon can be a disaster.

You may find that the copy needs fine tuning from time to time, and you add to it or modify the contents of the page. Crating the page once and forgetting all about it does not work. It is something that you need to come back to from time to time.

Fifth phase
Off Page Optimization

Though this is being listed as last, it is perhaps most important of all the steps involved. The earlier steps were to ensure and facilitate Off-Page Optimization success. This step involves getting back links from other relevant sites.

It is a known fact that however good your website content may be, it will not prompt every user to share it on their site or social media. Getting the word out involves effort and strategy. Getting other people to notice your website content and share or link to it, involves a planned approach in that direction. Submitting to relevant directories, to guest posting on authority sites, to something as simple as just asking for a link. This step would also involve going back to your competitors backlink profile, and analyzing where we can get a back link ourselves. Good strategy to outrank your competitors. There are no set rules here, except that you do not step outside the ethical guidelines set out by Google and other search engines.

This process of getting links from relevant sites never stops. This is a continuous cycle that keeps going on and on.

Can Search Engine Optimization Really Help Me?

Yes, it will help you.

Whatever product or services you are selling, there are millions of customers online searching for them every day.

Going online means that your shop is open 24×7 even when you sleep, no physical boundaries, people from across different countries can buy from you, no currency restrictions, no language barriers etc. This is truly freedom to do business.