WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance & Managed Hosting

WordPress Website Maintenance

Relax and sit back. We are here to take charge of your WordPress site, and actively maintain it for you. Our WordPress Website Maintenance Service ensures that website is fully taken care of. Our Managed WordPress Maintenance & Hosting will take care of all website issues that is within our control, including hosting related issues and concerns for you.

We all understand the importance of a well-maintained site with fresh and updated content. However, it can be expensive to hire someone round the clock to update and maintain your site at all times. Not anymore. We are offering affordably priced Hosting & WordPress Website Maintenance Package where we manage and host your site for you.

  • Website maintenance includes a set number of hours for updates and additions to the site (excludes design changes). See the packages below.
  • Upgrade WordPress and plugins to its latest version whenever required. We will take care of complications that may arise during the upgrade process. It is important to have a site running up to date software.
  • Backup your site manually on a regular basis

So basically we take care of every aspect of your website for you depending on how much you want to involve us. We have integrated website maintenance as part and parcel of the web design package itself. We did notice that our clients struggled with maintenance and quite often could not keep that site updated.

It often meant that the website content became stale after a point of time. The WordPress version became outdated and therefore put the entire site at risk of hacking, viruses & malware. Many times the client would have to redesign the website where it was not necessary at all.

Since website upkeep comes with every website package you order with us, you can rest assured that we are there to take care of your daily website needs. We will be there whenever you need us.

For those of us, who already have a website but want us to maintain it for them. We have the “Maintenance Only” package for them. We can migrate the site over to our fast servers. This is optional, but we recommend it. Because without us having control over the hosting, how can we sort hosting related issues if they ever arise?

WordPress Maintenance & Hosting Packages

Affordable Web Design (Includes 1 Year Maintenance) – $1499
  • Website maintenance is included for one year with the Affordable Web Design package. See details of website package here
  • Upto 5 hours of website maintenance included per month (2hrs/month)
  • Additional maintenance hours @ $25/hour
  • Hosting included on our fast cloud based servers (Optional)
  • Fully managed website included – All appects of the website that is witin our control is taken care of by us
Include Dedicated IP & SSL for $250 only

Regular Web Design (Includes 1 Year Maintenance) – $2999
  • 1 year maintenance included as part of web design package. See details here
  • Upto 10 hours of website maintenance included per month (10hrs/month)
  • Additional maintenance hours @ $25/hour
  • Hosting included on our fast cloud based servers (Optional)
  • Fully managed website included – All appects of the website that is witin our control is taken care of by us
  • Priority support
  • Free Dedicated IP & SSL if requested
Request for dedicated IP or SSL must be placed before project starts

Maintenance Only (For Your Existing Website) – $999
  • Upto 5 hours of website maintenance included per month (10hrs/month)
  • Additional maintenance hours @ $25/hour
  • Hosting included on our fast cloud based servers (Optional)
  • You are welcome to switch over your hosting to us (We are not responsible for hosting related issues, if not hosting with us)
  • Fully managed website included – All appects of the website that is witin our control is taken care of by us
  • Priority support
Convert website to SSL for $499 only

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WordPress Maintenance Service

We provide WordPress Maintenance Service to companies of all shapes and sizes from around the globe. A site is an investment you have made and we are here to protect & nurture that investment for you. A lot of work and effort goes into a successful website. And a successful site can pay a lot of dividends too.

But to reach and to maintain that stage takes effort and time. There is too much competition at the top and only the best can survive. So, you must prepare your site to become the best and stay that way.

You are busy with making decisions for your business and giving it the direction it needs. And it is best you keep your focus on what you do best. And let us handle the website maintenance for you because that is what we do best.

Updating WordPress

WordPress maintenance service includes updating plugins and core WordPress software, that runs your site. Why worry about who will do it, and when it will be done. We are here to take charge of all these daily tasks that could slow down or make your site vulnerable over time.

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Backing Up Your WordPress Files & Database

Backups are another important aspect of WordPress website maintenance. Websites content changes every day when we do not even notice it. For example, when someone makes a comment on one of the posts. Or when you post a new blog entry. They also change when you update an old page or post.

These small changes on a day to day basis alters the site on a large scale over time. And if backups are not taken regularly and something goes wrong with the site, you could lose all that data. Therefore, regular backups are a must.

Taking Care Of Errors & Bugs

Websites are highly technical in nature, though it seems so simple and easy to use. That is because all the components that are required to keep a website up and running usually work together and fit magically like a puzzle. Each component working beautifully in sync with each other.

Many times, things do go wrong. And at such times, our WordPress maintenance team can kick in to save the day for you. We could constantly monitor the site and if things do go wrong we could find the source of the trouble, and rectify it asap. We have years of experience working with WordPress and troubleshooting issues.

So you can be assured that your website repairs will be handled swiftly for you.

Design Changes & Alterations

Our WordPress support services also include any changes to website content. You may need some specific formatting for a content, like arranging in columns, rollover effects, pop-ups etc. Sometimes you may need some WordPress pages to be altered and updated, or new ones added. We can take care of all that for you, making sure your website is retained in optimum health.

We Host Your WordPress Site

We recommend you to move your hosting over to us from your current hosting provider if any. As this gives us more contorl over the site, and we can provide you with better solutions to hosting issues faster. If you do not host with us, then you will be depended on your hosting provider for solutions. Which is not very ideal, especially when you could get dedicated support from us for hosting related issues.

We take care of everything from designing to hosting, to fully manage your WordPress site for you. Not only do we provide consultancy regarding best practices, we also take care of your domain related issues, DNS propagation problems, database connectivity, and all those unseen complications that arise out of nowhere.

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WordPress Managed Hosting

We offer the best “WordPress Managed Hosting” for clients who require this essential WordPress upkeep feature. Small & established businessed will do well with that something extra care that we provide with our maintenance package.

Businesses save tremendously by not involving in-house hosting administrators & web designers to manage their websites. You can outsource this critical part of the business to us. We host your WordPress website on our high end, Linux, cloud-based, fully managed servers.

We manage every aspect of the server from timely backups at set intervals, to securing the site from malware and hackers. You don’t need to know how to administer the web server. We manage your WordPress hosting for you.

All our Maintenance packages come with a fully Managed WordPress Hosting, plus all the WordPress maintenance features described in the comparison box above.

So, in a way we act as an extension of your organization, providing all the support you need in keeping and maintaining your WordPress site up and running effortlessly.

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