Church Website Design

Custom Church Website Design (CMS)

Custom Church Website Design (CMS)

We create awesome church websites. Whether you are looking to create a simple church website, or the design for the best church website. Whether it is a small church website or a great church website. We know how to build great looking websites for churches and ministries.

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WordPress is the best CMS to use on any website today. It is the most popular of all. Also, clients find it the easiest and user-friendly to use. It is light weight and fast. Your church website would be delighted to know that is being powered by WordPress.

We custom design your church website for you. It is important to know how you wish to use the site. What is your objective? We build the site as per your needs and requirements.

100% Mobile Friendly Website

100% Mobile Friendly Website.

Your church website is 100% mobile friendly and Responsive. We will also ensure that your website passes the Google Mobile Friendly test here:

Your users could be on any platform or device. But you can rest assured that your website is optimally viewable on all devices. Your church website is designed with a Responsive layout. The website changes layout on the fly to accommodate to the new width of the device.

See why your new website should be Responsive:

Affordable Church Websites

A good church website does not have to be expensive. We offer both custom website designing for churches. And we also offer an affordable web design package.

For creating a beautiful church website, you don’t have to cram every option you can think of into the website right away. A simple church website can be as beautiful as any other church website. The best way to go is to determine your needs. Create a church website and make it live first. Keep adding more features as your needs grow.

It is always possible to add-on features later. This way you keep the cost low. It does not impact your design. Your church website is designed as good looking & functional as possible.

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No Complicated Page Builders for Updating your Church Website

We understand that you are not a designer. And therefore, it is not easy to use a Page Builder to build your church website pages. Page builders help to create the structure of a page. And create different designs by laying different elements on the website page.

This involves a high degree of design skills. It does eliminate the need for coding but necessitates the need for design-related skills. So such page builders should be used by designers looking to save time.

We create the template for different sections of your website. Like pages, posts, galleries etc., that your church website would need. They are custom designed for your church website. So all you need to do is to add content and images. The design is taken care of automatically for you.

No HTML Knowledge Required

No HTML Knowledge Required

Further, you do not need to have any HTML knowledge to update your custom designed church websites.

You can add new pages easily. You can write posts, add images, videos, photo galleries to your church website. No technical or HTML knowledge required to do all of these.

If you have used an application like Word, you will find it easy to use. There is practically to learning curve involved. With an easy & intuitive user interface, it is a breeze to add and update your church website.

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Best Church Website Designs

Website design for churches is no different than web design for any other category or industry. The website must be designed in a way so that it captures the attention of its end users. It must please them. Give them value. The ultimate goal of any church website is to add value and align it with the churches mission & vision.

Listing some of the websites we have built for churches below:

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Church Website Design Ideas

Add More Features Whenever Required

With a CMS like WordPress, it is easy to expand your site in the near future. Whenever you need to add something new, we can always integrate it with the site later.

Some of the features you may want to include at a later stage are:

1. Online Donations for churches:

Let your supporters support you by giving online donations easily and securely through the comfort of their homes. We can work with you to provide you with options of payment gateways. You can choose the one that best fits your needs.

2. Newsletters:

Let your audience subscribe to your newsletters. Whenever there is an update, you can send out newsletters informing of the event to all concerned. This lets your supporters stay in touch and form a close knit community.

3. Events & Calendar:

List the events taking place at the church on your events calendar. Again here, we can look at many different calendar options to be used with your church website. We can always compare & choose the best for you.

If you need people to register for your events, we can do that. You can also choose to ask for a payment to be made for attending the events. Or make them free if you wish.

4. Integrate Social Media:

With a good church website design, it is important to have your presence felt across different social media platforms.

People today like to be socially active online. It is important for the church to be also active online. With a good social media following, it is easy to keep everyone informed, in touch, and engaged.

5. Live Video Streaming:

Today you can show your church events directly online through Facebook and YouTube. They both give you the option to go live on your phone and capture everything as it happens live. The video is streamed live on all these platforms.

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