Custom Website Design

Why go for a custom website design? Because a custom designed site helps you outshine your competitors. Helps businesses become more profitable. It is unique and enhances your brand value. It aligns with your business goals. Need we say more?

The steps involved in the custom website design process from start to finish can be seen in the infographic below:

custom website design process

Step #1. Understanding Your Needs

A custom website design is one which is tailored around your needs. We will be sending you a questionnaire to understand your objective behind the website. What is it that you wish to accomplish by using the site? What purpose is the website going to serve?

We will also strive to understand what your target markets are. When we understand your target audience we will be able to create a website that would appeal to that segment. That would decide the colors, font, type of styling to use and much more.

Step #2. Designing Process

A customized website designing process involves creating a Wireframe first. It is basically a skeletal framework of how elements would be placed on the page. It is creating a layout without the design elements. It is done to improve user experience, keeping user intent & best practices in mind.

The website design is then created using the wireframes. You get a chance here to work with us in improving or modifying the design.

Step #3. Building the site

With the design finalized, we quickly convert them into an actual website. This step involves writing lots of code including HTML, CSS3, JQuery, some PHP, and a little bit of MySQL. There could be different designs for different sections, so all those sections need to be coded.

A custom website design involves more work & time than template based sites, as the design needs to be built from scratch.

Step #4. Website Completion

Once all the site is coded, we provide you a temporary URL. You can visit this URL to view the customized website we have designed for you. A final check on all pages, content, spellings, interlinking between pages are done. All our custom built sites are Responsive or mobile friendly. Therefore, we will also need to ensure the site is fully accessible on mobile devices.

When everything is checked, it is finally time to launch the site. Remember, that this marks the finishing of the customized website and start of the Digital Marketing phase. It is now time to let everyone know about it. For that you need SEO & marketing to spread the word.

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Custom Website Design Company

We are a professional web design company building customized website solutions since our inception many years back. We create unique websites built on WordPress CMS with 100% mobile optimized designs. We also offer ecommerce websites, which are again customized to your needs.

There are many advantages to using a CMS to build your site as you can see here: 15 CMS Benefits

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Web Design Cost

Custom Website Design Cost

A custom website design is not really expensive. But the definition of expensive varies from person to person. However, if you are starting off with a new business, or redesigning your existing website, then you will have to look at the website cost as an investment. And in this digital age, it is going to be the most important investment you make for your business. Remember all your marketing efforts & SEO efforts will rely on how well your website has been designed.

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Web Design Pricing

Custom Website Design Pricing

Our pricing for a custom website starts from $2999 that includes a fully custom made website from scratch. It includes everything that you need in a standard website. It is SEO optimized. It is 100% fully Responsive (mobile friendly), meaning it displays perfectly on any device, including mobiles & smartphones.

A mobile optimized site is absolutely necessary for a business. In fact, it is indispensable for a new website looking to get more clients using SEO and digital marketing.

Our custom website design services includes a website built on the popular WordPress CMS. It lets you add more pages to the site. So you can continue to expand the site and add content on your own. The blog section also lets you add blog posts to it. You can include images, videos, links, audio etc. to your blog pages. It is absolutely vital in your endeavor to market the site and get more customers.

The cost above is for a custom designed site that is more or less informative in nature.

Custom Web Design vs Website Templates

Wondering what is the difference between a custom web design & a template based website? The former runs a custom built theme, and the later runs a preexisting theme.

It simply means that with a custom designed site, the theme that controls the look and structure of the site is built specifically for that site. It is tailor made as per the requirements of your business. A preexisting theme is one that already exists, and may have been used to build other sites. That theme is customized and made into a new website. It is often cheaper to build with a pre-existing theme. As the time and effort required to build a site with the later is less.

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Affordable Custom Website Design

Our custom web design package is very affordable but in return you get a world class website. Not only in terms of looks, but also because of the standard compliant code that we write. We take care to provide a great user experience by adhering to the principles of good UI/UX design. We ensure that the it is Responsive and that it passes Google’s mobile friendly test.

So you get a fully customized mobile-friendly site at a very affordable price.