How Much Should You Pay For A Website?

There are thousands of web design companies out there quoting you a price from free to thousands of dollars for a website. Now how do you figure out what is the right price and how much should you actually be paying for your website?

I know I said free, because, I have come across designers who are willing to offer mock up designs prior to even getting paid. So desperate to get work that they are willing to work for free in the hope those clients would like their design and would agree to work with them. Both parties are at a loss here. The client thinks he or she is really smart in getting the mock up designs for free, but in reality the client knows that they will never work with the designer since a good designer would never agree to work for free. So there must be something lacking in the designer that makes the designer offer the initial free service. However, the lure of the free service is so strong that it nevertheless keeps the client tied up with the designer for some time, making them both waste each other’s time.

I am yet to hear of a web designer who offered his services for free and got his work approved by the client. The work may be good and the client may have liked it, but they are so sure there is something wrong with designer that they just won’t work with this designer. We have had many clients tell us they have a mock up design done by some other designer that they want converted to a website.

So if you are looking for some free stuff, then don’t. Everything has a price tag attached to it and there is nothing free in this world. Same goes to the web designer or freelancer, “Stop wasting yours and others time!” Learn to value yourself and never offer your services for free. Working for free convinces the client that you are worthless.

Usually clients would contact a few web design companies to compare prices and to check the quality of their work. It is also a good idea to see the type of clients they have worked with and how long they have been in business etc. Then you would evaluate the quotes received from different companies or designers. Although, it is a good practice to get quotes from a few companies at the same time, however, overdoing can make you look like you are just looking for the cheapest designer and not for quality. We usually do not bother with the client when we see client sending the same email to more than a few design companies for quote.

A web design involves more than just the visual aspect of it. The design company should be aware of the latest web trends in the market, the best coding practices, tools that the company uses to design your website, using of CSS rather than tables to style the website etc. These are some of the design aspects only that need to be addressed. Apart from this, you need to see whether your designer is actually taking your requirement into consideration and planning the website accordingly. Planning is a vital part of the web design process. The design company should pose a series of questions in the form of a questionnaire that would help the designer understand your requirement first. Is the designer doing that? If the designer does not know the actual reason behind the design, he or she won’t be able to deliver a website that achieves its intended objective. Is your design company aware of the latest marketing and seo trends? Is your website going to be seo friendly? These are a few of the aspects that would impact the pricing of the website.

Getting the cheapest website is definitely not the solution. Convey your requirements and objectives to the designer or the design company and let them suggest the best options available to you. It may also be a good idea to indicate a budget if you have one, that would also help the designer suggest options based on your budget to best achieve your goals.

Remember, you know your business objectives better, but the web designer is best equipped with the knowledge of how to achieve it online. Therefore, do not impose your design ideas or personal bias on the designer but rather let the designer come up with the best functional design for your website.

To conclude this, there is no fixed amount that is right for a website. What you pay should be determined by your business objectives and a lot on the budget you have for your website.

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