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Sell More With A Uniquely Designed Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Design & Development Based On WordPress & WooCommerce

Ecommerce design and development is now a necessity for businesses. Ecommerce is definitely an integral part of all businesses now. Business means commerce, whether that exchange of money and services are happening offline, online or both. A few years back, no doubt, it was mostly offline. But with penetration of technology into areas that otherwise never heard of the internet, ecommerce has certainly picked up at a great pace. And so has the need for good ecommerce web design companies.

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So how can we help you?

We can help you with our 10+ years of experience is the design and development of functional and great looking ecommerce websites. We will help with you all aspects necessary for a fully functional ecommerce website. We will help from domain booking to choosing the best payment gateway for your site. Also from choosing a host to finally making the site live for you. Of course, that also means taking care of all the processes and technical aspects that need to be taken care of from start to finish. But that is where our expertise and experience will come in handy. You can be assured that you are indeed in good hands.

You can of always choose to host your ecommerce site with us and we can take care and maintain your site for you.

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Ecommerce On WordPress

All our e-commerce websites are based on WordPress platform and WooCommerce plugin for integrating e-commerce functionality. Some of the advantages of using open source are Lower Cost, Reliability and Stability. WordPress is the best CMS out there today. It has moved beyond a simple blogging platform to a fully fledged CMS platform that businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of. Similarly the ecommerce capabilities it offers is second to none. Coupled with its user friendliness and easy to understand interface, it is becoming the number one choice for building ecommerce websites.

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Ecommerce Web Design Packages

Clients have different needs and different budgets for building their ecommerce sites. A business may just be putting their first step into the ecommerce world. Another may be well established and looking for a partner that can support and maintain their website continuously as their requirements change over time. It is important here to provide ecommerce web design and development packages that clients from different backgrounds can find useful.

Another deciding factor is the amount of time we are involved in actively with an ecommerce development project. The lesser the time required of us, the more cost effective the project would be. There are many companies looking for a quickly built ecommerce site at an economical price. And for them, we have the Quick E-Shop package, where your website is designed on a pre-built eCommerce theme. Then there are clients, whose requirements are very specific and are more demanding. For them, we have the Bespoke E-Shop, which are designed keeping the users requirements in view and usually involve longer duration to build.

We are offering two ECommerce website design packages.

Quick E-Shop

This is a more economical option and the turn around time period is also shorter. Choose a pre designed theme + We change logo, images, colours & you get an unique ecommerce website for your business + Very short delivery period. Built on WordPress + WooCommerce plugin for e-commerce functionality. WooCommerce paid extensions are not included and are additional.

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Bespoke E-Shop

Suitable for businesses with a higher budget, where the ecommerce requirements are elaborate and specific. If you want the design of your online shop to be customized as per your requirements, then this option is right for you. This option includes a website built on the WordPress platform + WooCommerce plugin for e-commerce functionality. WooCommerce paid extensions are not included and are additional.

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Ecommerce Design & Development Services We Offer

Listing below are some of the aspects that one encounters during the design and development of an ecommerce website. In other words, these are some of the services we offer in the field of ecommerce website design to our clients.

Ecommerce Web Design

This entails creating designs around the controls of ecommerce modules. Ensuring that each page or sections looks as great as possible. Sections could include homepage, banners, featured products, similar products, product detail page, cart, checkout etc.

Web Store Design

Designing around the requirements of the client to create web store design that works beautifully and flawlessly. Design could be custom built or created with the help of a theme or template to same time and money. Web store design should consider user friendliness and user’s expectations from a similar site.

Responsive Ecommerce Design

We started designing ecommerce when it was first introduced. Now when we apply that ecommerce design, it is bound to be a success. Your ecommerce website is built for desktops as well as for mobiles. Responsive ecommerce design ensures all your customers can access your web store across all devices and all platforms.

Payment Gateway Integration

We can integrate the payment gateway of your choice with your ecommerce web store. With WordPress and WooCommerce comes several choice of payment gateway platforms that we can work with. Those can be integrated with a single click and a little bit configuration. So integrating payment gateways becomes a breeze.

Ecommerce Website Maintenance

Creating an ecommerce website is one thing, and running it successfully on a day to day basis is another. And we can help you with both. We can help with your day to day running of the website, taking care of the supporting services like hosting, designing, making changes, taking backups, handling errors etc.

Ecommerce Support

It is important to have the support of an experienced partner when you are doing crucial business online. If you cannot risk your website going down and losing business while is down, then you would appreciate the ecommerce support services that we can offer for your ecommerce web business.

Ecommerce Website Development

No two websites are the same and therefore the open source ready ecommerce platform may not be sufficient for you. You may need custom features developed and integrated with your ecommerce website. This would be needed when you want some specific. Some unique that existing platforms don’t offer. We can help develop modules and plugins for your ecommerce website.

Affordable Ecommerce Website Design

Affordability of an ecommerce website or solution matters the most to new and small sized businesses. That is why such companies and individuals can turn to us for an economical eCommerce design and development solution for their businesses. Our services are economical but there is no compromise with quality.

Ray Creations, An Ecommerce Website Design Company Helping Clients With Its Ecommerce Web Design & Development Services

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We at Ray Creations have been helping clients from across the globe in creating fully fledged ecommerce websites and solutions at affordable prices. You go to our web design quote form and send us your requirement. We evaluate your requirement and get back to you with a tentative quote. Once the quote is finalized, we send you a detailed proposal. And upon acceptance, we start with the eCommerce website design project.

Since we primarily work with WordPress, our preferred eCommerce solution is WooCommerce. It is a beautiful ecommerce platform with everything you may want in your ecommerce solution. Most of the basic functionality comes free with the platform. Some advanced features could be add-ons. For example, a subscription feature, where you charge a customer on a recurring basis. That could be an additional module that we can purchase over & above all the basic features that it comes with. So if there is a feature that is not available in the core WooCommerce platform, then in all probability there will be an additional module we can buy with that feature. Therefore, we can extend the functionality of WooCommerce with the help of modules or plugins.

Lower Cost Of Running An Ecommerce Store

The costs associated with running an ecommerce store is a lot less these days. Anyone can start an ecommerce store at an economical price these days. All you need is a well-built e commerce store that can handle your customers well; upsell the right products and services; intuitive and easy to use. And above all, should be free of errors. When it is well designed and provides a good user interface, it becomes easier for the customer to trust the site. So a good design is important to win over your customer’s trust. A shabbily designed site will only raise red flags and drive away your customers. Therefore, customer usability should be of prime importance. And it is not expensive to provide that.

The cost of hosting & maintenance is quite affordable too. It is definitely advisable to go with good hosting and maintenance, as it all goes to create a good user experience for the customer. Which in turns translates to better business for you.

If you have been thinking of taking the plunge into the world of ecommerce business, look no further. Talk to us, and we can help create an ecommerce website that works for you and at an affordable budget.

Ecommerce And Its Benefits

Ecommerce has really picked up over the years. Nearly 70% of Americans shop online regularly, and the figures would be near about same for the rest of the world too. With all the new technologies in place, people are not so apprehensive of using various payment methods online these days. Moreover, technology has made available internet across most parts of the world at an affordable price; even in rural areas, where internet was unheard of. These, coupled with betterment in banking systems, have resulted in a spurt in ecommerce activities throughout the world.

Most people from time to time go online to purchase stuff from the convenience of their homes. Sometimes, online becomes the only option to buy certain goods and services. Especially, when these goods need to be sourced from across the globe. You go to their website, chose your product, make payment, and the goods get delivered at your doorstep in a few days’ time.

So many things come together to make this a reality. The technology behind the website; the payment gateway that ultimately pays the seller in his own currency; the logistics that handle shipping across borders etc. But to the buyer it is a convenient service that gets the goods delivered to his doorstep. This ease of use is fueling businesses to open up ecommerce stores to cater to their domestic and international clients. If you have a business and sell offline at a local shop or store, it is perhaps time you thought of making it convenient for your customers to shop from the convenience of their homes. This has many advantages for you as a business.

Your fixed overheads are less, as you need lesser staff to deal with more customers; lesser space needed; less goods to be stored in the store etc. All these should translate to better profit margins for you.

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Custom Ecommerce website

Custom Ecommerce Website

Custom ecommerce web design is a lot different than the other web design packages we offer. A custom ecommerce website means that we stay involved with you a lot longer. We spend time understanding your requirements. What your goals and business objectives are. Who are your end customers and what are their expectations from your site? We design your site taking into consideration all of the above factors.

Custom Ecommerce Website Development Process

Once we have gathered all of the information we need, we start building your custom ecommerce website for you. First we create a wireframe for your site. A wireframe is basically a skeletal framework or layout. It shows the placement of web design elements on the web page. It is designed keeping in view users expectations and to improve their experience on your site. Then comes the design phase. We give you a link at this stage that you can use to view your custom ecommerce design online. The website is then finally completed, with your inputs.

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Technologies We Use

We use WordPress to design your ecommerce website. We hand-code the theme for you. Since it is a customized ecommerce website design package. We use WordPress because we believe it is the best CMS to use for your website. The website is fully Responsive and displays optimally on all mobile devices. It is so important today, as most people are on mobile devices most of the time. We use WooCommerce to implement the ecommerce functionality. You can see the list of features that come with WooCommerce here:

WooComerce is built for WordPress. Therefore, both uses HTML5, CSS3, PHP & MySQL technologies to run it. They are open source and free to use. These make it perfect for your custom ecommerce website design.

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Ecommerce Maintenance

The Beginning Of A Relationship

Once it is live, it is not the end of it. Rather it is the beginning.

The beginning of a continuous, mutually beneficial association between you and us. Where you need us to continually work with you by your site.

You need us to test the website is working as intended. Take care of the tax rules, complicated shipping rules, payment methods and a host of other things. There is hosting & maintenance; to see that there is no downtime. And the regular consultations regarding what is best for your site.

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Ecommerce Website Marketing

You need marketing for your tailor-made e-commerce website. We help your custom-built site reach a wider audience. Thus providing the much needed SEO as well as digital marketing services to promote your site.

We analyze your site to make intelligent decisions that places your bespoke ecommerce site higher in search rankings. The better your rankings, the more sales you make.

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