Meet Our Team

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Amrit Ray

He is always thinking. That seems to be his primary job.

Apart from that, he manages marketing, SEO, and the technical side of hosting & server management. He takes care of bringing in the business and handing it over to the team for successful execution.

He is also a musician.

Check out his social media to learn more about him: Instagram: @amrit.ray YouTube:

Suparna R. profile pic
Suparna Ray

She is mostly obsessed with her baby, Oliva. And when she gets the time she also creates websites.

Jokes apart, she is the creative head of the company. Her creativity truly knows no bounds. And when others get stuck, her advice would usually bail them out.

She is also a growing Insta influencer wooing away hearts with mommy-daughter magical creative pics. Instagram: @suparna.ray

Aparna P. profile pic
Aparna Pramanik

She loves to travel a lot and is always looking for ways to visit one place or the other.

Apart from that, she is one of the most talented and dedicated members of the team. She is a fabulous designer and knows WordPress inside out. Most of the companies outsourcing to us wouldn’t know what to do without her. She manages most of the outsourced projects and distributes the workload.

She is also a growing Insta Influencer. Instagram: @aparna_pramanik

Piu P. profile pic
Piu Pramanik

She is the youngest member of the team and loves the attention she gets.

She loves braiding her hair and also knows how to knit. She joined our team after finishing her web design course around three years back. And since then she has evolved into an indispensable member of the team.

Surprisingly she aspires to be an Insta influencer too. Instagram: @piu.pramanik

Our Story – The Journey So Far

Hello There! Welcome To Ray Creations!

My name is Amrit and let me tell you a little story about how our company got started in the first place.

At the time I was working in a private firm, mostly handing outsourced customer service through email. Prior to that, I had worked a few years in call centers too making sales pitches to US customers on behalf of prominent mobile operators there. Though I was freshly out of college and compensation fair, I nevertheless had this urge to start something of my own. So I bought a few books on web design and started fiddling around with the antique desktop computer I had at home.

I followed along with the examples in the book and started creating simple smallish websites for practice. I was surprised at how easy they were to code. One day I was sitting with one of my childhood friend who runs a travel agency and showed him one of the example sites I had done. He was quite impressed and asked me if I could help him build one.

I designed a free one for him. Surprisingly his travel agent friends started asking him about who did the site for him and he told them about me. Soon one his friends wanted to meet me as they needed a new site. I was excited about meeting up with him in his office. He gave me an idea of what he needed and proposed me a price he thought was fair for the project. The total amount was approximately equal to my whole month’s salary at the call center. He gave me a 50% advance right there and then. Needless to say, I was ecstatic.

If one project could cover my whole month’s salary, imagine what a few of them could do. At that time that did seem like a lot to me. I delivered that project successfully and that was the first commercial website I ever built for a client. I got a few more projects from references and I promptly decided to quit my job and pursue this full time. I formed my company with a few projects already under my belt. But I soon realized that perhaps the most difficult part of a business is to get more customers. Because they are the lifeline of your business. They put the money in your pocket which enables you to run a successful business. But how do you find customers?

Having quit my job there was no turning back now. So I started figuring out ways to get more customers. I was going to do whatever was necessary to achieve that. So I picked up the business directory and started calling businesses. I never heard so many Noes in a row. However, once in a blue moon someone would say, “come and meet me in my office.” I would go and sometimes wait hours outside their office. Sometimes I would get a project and most times I would not.

But to be honest I wasn’t really disheartened. It was all part of the game and quite liked it. Sometimes I would be awake the whole night working and finishing up projects. And in the day making calls for more business. When I had some money flowing into the business, I started advertising in the local magazines and newspapers. Then securing business got a little easier. As opposed to making calls, I was being called now with business opportunities.

But I still had to go and meet up with clients and sometimes the meetings were fruitful and sometimes not.

At the same time, I was learning about SEO and was implementing the same on our business site bit by bit every day. With time we started getting prominently listed in the search results which brought in more local queries. So I would travel frequently to meetings with prospective clients. With time we started targeting overseas clients through SEO. Though for a long time it did not seem to bear any fruit. But after a while, we started getting queries from countries like Australia, the US, and the UK.

And slowly over time, all of our targeted customers shifted from India to overseas. Now we were getting queries from all over the world. If you see our portfolio, you will realize that almost 100% of our clients are from overseas now. No more meeting up with clients, no more phone calls, only emails. I like it because emails are so nonintrusive. You can answer them at your own convenient time. I think my clients like it too.

However, recently due to algorithmic changes the traffic has dwindled a little bit. But if you have followed my story, you will realize that we will overcome this too. We are still not 10% of where we want to be. So yes, there is a long way to go. And you can help us get there by working with us.

We are still a very small company with a team of 4-5 only. I have always wanted to create an environment where we could work in a relaxed way and I am extending the same to all my team members. We often get to work from home and choose when we want to work. We have tasked assigned to each and we finish them in a timely manner with efficiency and quality. And that is all that matters. Collaborating is also easier than ever today with all the technologies at your disposal.

There is a long way to go and hopefully, you will tag along with us on our journey.

What We Do

Ray Creations is an experienced web design company based in India and is proud to offer its services to clients all over the world. Yes, we have over 10+ years of expertise offering design & development services to our worldwide clients.

Our clients consist of Individuals, small business owners, medium-sized businesses, and a few large companies. So yes, mostly we are working with small business owners, helping them establish a successful online presence. We love working with people and providing them with web solutions that add value to their business.

Some of the solutions we offer include


Web Design

Websites that are polished to perfection

Website Redesign

Converting your old sites with our skillful intervention to make them super efficient.



It comes inherent with our services


Website Consultancy

Best practices & implementation guidance

CMS Integration

Brings your website up to speed with the times



Slickly designed mobile-friendly websites


Web Hosting

Hosting your website for you


Website Maintenance

Fully managed website services

Web Design & Maintenance Company

We are a Web Design & Maintenance Company with talented individuals working together, catering to the needs of our global clients. When we work together, we see ourselves as a part of your company, only located at a remote location. But very much within your reach at all moments. We are like an offshore branch of your own company. We become friends but in a professional sense.

Need suggestion on how to achieve something online? Or need to make that quick change on the website? Is something not right with the website? Need something updated? Whatever you need doing, simply send an email and it is taken care of. No complicated ticketing system, where you don’t know who is responding and who you are responding to! Simple uncomplicated process!

Here we are real humans, who understand and feel your business. We understand your urgency. And we want you to succeed in your business. We want to add value.

Web Design Process – From Start To Finish

The process starts with you filling up the quote form. We evaluate your requirements and send you a tentative proposal outlining the cost and the timeline involved.

Once you agree to the tentative proposal and wish to go ahead with the project, we send you an official proposal documenting what we agreed on. Along with that we also send you a “Client Questionnaire” which should not take you more than 5 to 10 minutes to fill up. Through this, we collect the finer details regarding the project so that we can design a website that is aligned with your business goals & objectives.

The next step involves Photoshop design for the homepage and inner page templates. Once approved we progress to the part where we code the site for you. And subsequently, launch the site when ready.

All through the design process, you will be given a web link where you can track the progress of your site design.

We continue to maintain your site once it is online.

Fully Managed Website Services

We don’t want to just design the website and leave you at that. We want to provide you with a “fully managed website” where we actively take part in maintaining your site for you.

Without our active involvement, it is very likely that the website would not get the efficient care it needs and would become stale with outdated content and software. Which will make it work less efficiently and at the same time leave it vulnerable to viruses and hackers.

Improper upkeep does not allow the client to take full advantage of the website in the first place. And therefore many websites would require an untimely redesign where none was needed, proving to be costlier in the long run.

Therefore, we have integrated website maintenance as part of most website design packages we offer. The first year maintenance is included with most of the website packages with us.

Get in touch today to discuss your new project and to get a free quote.