About Us

Professional Web Design Company

Ray Creations is a professional web design company based in New Delhi, India.

We have 10+ years of experience offering website design & website maintenance services to our global clients. Our clients consist of Individuals, small business owners, medium-sized businesses, and also includes big businesses and corporations. We love working with our clients and providing them web solutions that add to their business value.

Some of these solutions include:

Hello There! My name is Amrit Ray and I am the business owner. First I would like to welcome you here. Next, I want to assure that you will be more than satisfied with what we have to offer.

We have years of experience working with clients globally. We have a wonderful design team to take of the aesthetics side of the website. Next, we are proficient in coding that perfect website theme based on your requirements.

Once the site is ready and online, we make sure that it stays in top-notch shape by managing your website throughout the year for you.

And website maintenance is renewable at a reasonable fee every subsequent year.

So you never have to worry about your website again! We take care of everything, including hosting.

Fill our quote form today and give us a chance to work with you.

– Amrit Ray

We are a Web Design & Maintenance Company with talented individuals working together, catering to the needs of our global clients.

When we work together, we see ourselves as a part of your company, only located at a remote location. But very much within your reach at all moments. We are like an offshore branch of your own company. We become friends but in a professional sense.

Need suggestion on how to achieve something online? Or need to make that quick change on the website? Is something not right with the website? Need something updated? Whatever you need doing, simply send an email and it is taken care of.

No complicated ticketing system, where you don’t know who is responding and who you are responding to! Simple uncomplicated process!

Here we are real humans, who understand and feel your business. We understand your urgency. And we want you to succeed in your business. We want to add value.

Web Design Process – From Start to Finish

The process starts with you filling up the quote form. We evaluate your requirements and send you a tentative proposal outlining the cost and the timeline involved.

Once you agree to the tentative proposal and want to go ahead and start with the project, we send you an official proposal documenting what we agreed on.

We also send you a “Client Questionnaire” at this point which should not take you more than 5 to 10 minutes to answer. It has finer details regarding the project so that what we design is aligned with your business objectives.

The Photoshop design for the homepage and inner page templates are approved by you first. Then we code the website to perfection. And launch the site for you.

All through the design process, you will be given a web link where you can track the progress of your site design.

Once the site is online we continue to take care of it under website maintenance.

100% RESPONSIVE (Mobile Friendly) Websites

In layman’s term, Responsive means mobile friendly websites. Technology has progress quickly, and today everyone carries a mobile with them.

It is not only used to make phone calls, but they do a lot more with it today. They use it to navigate, shop online, query information using voice commands, listen to music, and connect to the internet, to browser websites.

As per the data by Statista, the percentage of all global web pages served to mobile phones in 2017 was 50.3%.

So if your website does not display well on mobile phones, you are going to lose all those visitors. That is, more than half of all visitors to your site.

Therefore, we ensure that your site is compatible with all mobile & handheld devices. It is 100% percent mobile friends and displays perfectly on all devices.

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Focusing on Fully Managed Website Services

We have changed our focus from just website design to “fully managed website services”.

We have noticed in the past that clients would get a new website designed. But within a year, the content would become stale, information outdated, website becomes vulnerable due to software updates not being applied.

And all these do the client more harm than good. Many websites require a redesign where none is needed.

Therefore, we are integrating website maintenance as part of the website design package itself. Whenever we design a new website, the first year maintenance would be included into the package.

This would allow us to help the client by managing all aspects of the website for him. From domain, to hosting, to backups, troubleshooting issues, and anything & everything related to the website.

That should give some peace of mind to you.

Get in touch today to discuss your new project and to get a free quote.