Ray Social Feeds for Twitter Pro is a lightweight WordPress plugin that you can use to display beautiful Twitter feeds on your website. You can display Tweets from any Twitter user, Hashtag, or a Search term. You can display the Tweets in List format, Masonry, or a Slider/Carousel.

You can conveniently place the shortcode [my_custom_tweets] anywhere on your page content area to display your Twitter feed. Or simply drag our widget to your sidebar or footer area.

You can easily use multiple instances of the Twitter feed on any single page or on multiple pages of your site. And each instance can fetch up to 50 tweets. And of course, once fetched, the tweets are cached, so they open at lightning speeds.

Our plugin uses the new Twitter API version and OAuth 2.0 to fetch tweets from Twitter.

Default Feed Settings

The plugin lets you specify default settings for your Twitter feed that all shortcodes would use. Go to Settings -> Ray Twitter Feed -> Customize tab, and modify or select the options that you want to keep as default for all shortcodes. Everything you set or specify on this screen is treated as default values. You can, of course, override any of these options individually in each of the shortcodes you use on your site.

For example, if the default “Number of Tweets” is set to 10. And in any shortcode you specify [my_custom_tweets count=”15″]. Then fifteen tweets would be fetched in place of the default ten for that particular shortcode. Similarly, any default value can be overridden.

Display Any Users Timeline

Login to your Dashboard and navigate to Settings -> Ray Twitter Feed -> Customize. In the “Screen Name” textbox enter the Twitter handle of the user whose timeline you want to display on your site. No need to include the “@” symbol with the Twitter screen name of the user. For “Feed Type” make sure that “User Timeline” is selected. Go ahead and click on “Save Changes”. Then add the shortcode [my_custom_tweets] to any page. And the tweets would start displaying beautifully.

Display Tweets in List | Masonry | Slider or Carousel Format

Displaying a List of tweets is the default format when you activate our plugin. To define the display option in shortcodes go to Settings -> Ray Twitter Feed -> Customize tab. On this screen select your preferred Display Style.

You can choose between:

If you want to set it as a parameter in your shortcode, use either of these codes: [my_custom_tweets display_style=”display_list”] or [my_custom_tweets display_style=”display_masonry”] or [my_custom_tweets display_style=”display_slider_1_col”] or [my_custom_tweets display_style=”display_slider_2_col”]

Choosing a display option in your widget is just as easy. Go to Appearance -> Widgets. Expand the widget and from the dropdown menu, select the display option you prefer for that widget. Click on “Done”.

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Includes Images & Videos

Everything looks so much better with images and videos. That is also true for your Twitter display feed. That is why our plugin works hard to fetch either an image or a video with every tweet wherever possible.

First, it looks for a video or an image attached to the tweet itself. If no media is found, then it looks for any external links in the tweet. If found, it will fetch any Twitter card compatible image (Og:Image) from that webpage. If no such image is found, it will look for the largest image on that web page. Whichever media is found first, is displayed along with the tweet.

Also, you can set your preference for Images and/or Videos by selecting these options in the plugin’s Settings page. Go to Settings -> Ray Twitter Feed -> Customize. And check the checkboxes that say, “Include Photos” or “Include Videos“, or both; depending on your preference. Our plugin then tries to fetch tweets matching these criteria from Twitter. But these are only preferences, and results may vary.

The video plays in its own dedicated HTML5 player which is inbuilt into the plugin.

Adapts To Your Website Style

The styling of the Twitter feed display is automatically taken from your website’s stylesheet so that the feed looks and feels like a part of your website. So the font family or font size you are using for your website will automatically be used by our plugin. The same goes for font colors, link colors, and various other element stylings.

Fully Responsive / Mobile Friendly Layout

When you place “Ray Social Feeds for Twitter shortcode” or “widget” in your website content, sidebar, footer, or any other widget area, it automatically fills the available space and adjusts the elements in the Twitter feed accordingly. So that the resulting display is perfect on all devices.

If you are displaying Masonry, and you have selected 5 columns [my_custom_tweets number_of_tweets_in_row=”5″], but the space isn’t sufficient on mobiles or tabs, then the “Number of Columns” would be automatically reduced for optimum viewing.

Caches Fetched Tweets

All tweets fetched from Twitter are cached for the duration you set in the plugin’s Settings page. By default, it is set to 1 hour. But you can extend it to your liking.

Go to Settings -> Ray Twitter Feed -> Customize and in the Additional Customization section, you use the fields titled, Check Tweets Every, and Tweet Checking Interval to control the cache duration of the tweets.

If the set the Check Tweets Every field to: “hour”
And set the Tweet Checking Interval field to: “10”
Then the cache duration would be set to 10 hours.

The tweets for each shortcode and widget are saved separately. Even the external links fetched in the tweets are saved in the cache. When the cache duration expires, new tweets are automatically fetched.

Also, whenever you save the Customization options in the plugin’s Settings page, the cache is automatically cleared, and new Tweets are automatically fetched.

The benefits of caching are many.

  • First, you avoid hitting the rate limit of the number of tweets you can fetch from Twitter at any given hour.
  • Second, you don’t overburden your server and Twitter’s by constantly fetching tweets directly from Twitter on every page load.
  • Third, once the Tweets are cached, every subsequent page load fetches them from your local temporary storage, therefore, making the page load blazing fast.

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