Web Development

We are a web development company in India developing websites using open source technologies like WordPress, Joomla, nopCommerce etc.
The solution chosen by us depends on the specific requirements for your website.
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Types of Websites

Some different types of websites that are often requested by our clients includes:

  • eCommerce
  • CMS based sites
  • social media, job portals
  • property listing sites
  • blogs, news portals,
  • car rentals site etc.

These are typically some of the website development requests that we would get from our clients.

Web Development Company

Website development usually involves a web server like Windows or Linux on which the site will be hosted; scripting language like PHP or Asp.net; and a database like MS SQL or MySQL where information is stored.

However, with the variety of open source platforms available today, all these website development technologies have become quite common and are being extensively used on many sites today. Many of the CMS that we use for website development are capable of extending their functionality or introducing new functionality by the use of plugins. For example, a job board can be easily introduced to a website by installing a particular plugin without extensive programming or time involvement.

Therefore, as a web development company, most of our website development revolves around open source technologies, as they help save time and keep the cost down at the same time for our clients.