We used Ray Creations to help design our online baby bedding website. We chose them because they ensured us of a customized site built to our specifications for a very reasonable and competitive rate compared to other web designers. We are happy to say the site was created exactly the way we wanted in a very elegant and modern design. We were also very impressed with their professionalism, prompt and courteous service, and the comfort level they provided to us for a complex technical process. Overall, we were very pleased with our experience with Ray Creations.

Sumeet Kumar [USA]

Yes, I am very happy with the site and more than happy to give a testimonial and prospective clients can email me for a reference.

I am very happy with how this has worked out. I think you have done a terrific job and I would like to say thank you to you. I will make sure I suggest you to any of my friends and colleagues who need websites created. I am also sure that once I have some more content on the site and I have some traffic I will need your help with SEO in the future.

Andrew Ashwood [Australia]