Top 10 Tips to Make Your Website More Interactive Using WordPress

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Website More Interactive Using WordPress

In the past few decades, almost all companies worldwide have undergone a change digitally. Today, more and more companies are relying on the internet to create a niche for themselves to boost their business and create a strong online presence.

There are different methodologies that companies use to boost their brand image. Social media plays an integral role in knowing the business and also comparing it with other competitors in the market. This gives a very good insight into the market standing of every brand and their products.

Right from grocery stores that have started advertising and creating an online presence to big conglomerates that rely heavily on brand building and image creation. All these companies are merely a few examples of the greatness and vastness of the World Wide Web.

To battle stiff competition, companies have started becoming more innovative in creating their websites in order to project a real image of what their business is all about.

There are various ways in which we like to stay ahead of our competition. And today, one that catches our eye is a great website. Websites are like a mirror created to reflect the business that we cater to and the ethos that we value and is embedded and ingrained in our system strongly. These small things cater to a very well portrayed image of the company and create a strong name.

Web designers and developers are getting very innovative in designing websites and graphic designers help you to get the images and videos in order. Although there are many platforms to create websites, today, the most popular one remains WordPress.

Having taken the world of internet by storm, WordPress has come a long way from just a blogging platform to a place where you create your full-fledged website and that too without any hassles!

The more interactive a website, more crowd or audience it draws. The best way to boost your website’s interactivity is by using plug-ins.

Adding that interactive aspect to your website creates an interest amongst the people to visit and see the products that you have to offer. So how does one make a regular website more interactive using WordPress!

Let us have a look at the top 10 tips to make your website more interactive using WordPress:

1. Polls and Quizzes

create quizzes & polls

Everyone loves a good quiz! You will see Facebook coming up with innumerable quizzes and polls that keeps the audience thoroughly engaged at all levels.

Similarly while creating your website in WordPress, create polls and quizzes that will get your audience attracted to visit your site and also share with others. There are many WordPress plug-ins that you can use to create the type of quiz and poll that is suitable for your organization such as Riddle, SurveyFunnel, Dilemma, Interactive Content, etc. You can also create games to attract the audience.

If you think creating one is too time-consuming. Or you are not interested in doing it then you can always embed the plug-in from PlayBuzz directly to your blog or website and get the audience all raving and rising! This is a great way to get in touch with your audience.

2. Feedback and Rating

reactions feedback with emoticons

It is always a good idea to see how the audience feels about your website or your products. Feedback and rating come very handy here because they reach out to all the people at the same time and help them rate your brand, website or product directly. It helps in self-improvement and maintaining consistency in your work.

You can custom add emoticons to make sure that they client is always involved as some may not want to leave a comment particularly.

WordPress has several rating plug-ins like Reactions, MyEffecto, FL3R FeelBox etc. are some popular rating and feedback app in the market. Some may give a delayed response but some give instant results. This will ensure that you are always on top of the posts that and their feedback along with ratings.

3. Rewards

myCRED points management
Every individual is interested in visiting sites that have some sort of reward or a gift attached to it. Like when you visit gaming zones, it ensures that you do not go back empty handed! For the number of tickets earned, you get addicted to playing more as you have higher rewards attached to it.

Similarly, if you add an element of reward or gamification to your website, visitors who visit, will be enthused to earn points or win some rewards. This makes them feel good about themselves, and they pass the word around. There are many websites that use this similar strategy to engage the audience by giving them points or coupons.

Similarly, in WordPress, you can utilize this very unique & enticing feature with plugins such as myCRED, WooRewards & Beans etc. They help gamify your WordPress website with badges, points, challenges that are engaging to the reader. This encourages them to participate and contribute to your website. This also makes sure that the reader keeps coming back to earn more points and rewards.

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4. Post User Generated Content

We all love attention. And in this day of social media where content is being created at a faster rate than ever, what better way to patronize someone than to let them share their content on your site?

There is a lot to learn here from Facebook & Twitter. What do they do?
They simply let you post your content on their platform and make it available for everyone to see, like and share. And in turn, you go back to those sites ritually.

Some of us are even addicted to them, if I may say so.

Some other more useful examples would be sites like Stackoverflow & Quora. Where anyone can ask questions and anyone can answer them. The user decides which answer is more accurate than others by casting their vote.

Users love to flock around such sites because either they provide a platform to share their content, or they provide valueable information.

You can do the same with your site. It is an excellent way for your WordPress site to add interactivity and gain popularity among the masses.

Plug-ins like User Submitted Posts, DW Question & Answer, and WPmudev powered Q & A, etc are few amongst others that can help you get your audience more engaged with your website.

User-generated content is always beneficial as it helps you to understand whether the user really is interested in your website or not.

You can probably up the ante by rewarding them with points and badges that will encourage them to compete in a healthy way with other contributors.

5. Private Chat and Messaging

private messaging wordpress

Another very interesting tip to make your website more interactive using WordPress is by introducing private chat and messages. Have you noticed that most websites that have a good number of visitors and a longer tenure of accounts are those that offer private chats and messages!

Chatting encourages users to interact with each other, review each others’ work, give feedback and mostly get to know each other too.

By adding a plug-in such as Front End PM users can privately message and interact with each other without even logging into the Dashboard. You can also use WP-Recall, BuddyPress Private Messages for Friends Only, etc.

Here users also have an advantage of logging into your website by not only using their WordPress or BuddyPress log in ID but also their Google+, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Get your chat plug-ins embedded and the users more engaged!

6. Flipbooks

flipbook wordpress plugin to make site interactive

PDF’s are a pain when they are to be viewed on your mobile devices. They take a long time to load and at times do not open correctly too! Now you have the option to create your PDFs into full-fledged interactive Flipbooks with plugins like flowpaper or Interactive 3D FlipBook plugin powered by WordPress.

Simply enter the PDF link and 3D flipbook is ready! It becomes an engaging experience for the user to visit your website and also invite other fellow users to visit and subscribe to your website. This also holds true when you wish to create videos, music, albums, books with interactive pages, links for magazines, etc.

7. Games

Have you ever seen how board games get people and communities closer! As a child, you must have spent a lot of time playing board games with your friends and family when you were not allowed to go out.

Similarly, you can add various Board Games, memory games, personality tests, flashcard games, hangman games and a number of other interactive games using various WordPress Plug-ins; H5P is a popular plug-in that helps you to create new games.

An interactive element to your WordPress website will attract users to come and enjoy your website.

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8. Image Maps

Have you visited shopping websites like Amazon or Flipkart or Myntra, etc! You will notice when you view the products and roll over the images, they give you a zoomed in look of the product, helping you to decide whether you want to buy the product or no!

Similarly, you can use the Image Hotspotter plug-in to create a comprehensible, responsive and interactive image map that is definitely a fun way to portray your content and connect with the audience at a different level.

When you roll over the image you will notice that a small box has opened up with more information about the particular content. Definitely a plug-in worth introducing in your WordPress website to make it more interactive.

9. The Twitter Widget

Twitter widgets & plugins for making website interactive

We all know Twitter is ‘the’ most interactive platform for all users across the globe to interact and connect with.

Adding a Twitter plugin to your WordPress site increases its attraction and visibility amongst its worldwide audience. The ability to tweet today has the power to increase or decrease the popularity of a website.

Some plugins you can use includes Recent Tweets Widget, Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin, and more…

The above plugins will encourage others to participate in your website and keep them engaged for longer!

10. Related Posts

related posts for wordpress

If your users have finished reading your post and want to move out, don’t give them that option! Have them move over to similar related posts that will keep them engaged on your site for longer. Let them go through the other content of your website first.

What better way to do this than by using a Related Posts Widget?
Some of the widgets you can use include WordPress Related Posts, Contextual Related Posts, and many other such widgets.

This way your viewership and content reading increases with each audience. To create such a conducive environment, I recommend having many blog posts covering your topic extensively.

Posting new content at frequent intervals makes both the user and the search engines happy. Search engines place you better in the search results, which makes you more discoverable. And the more you are found the more visitors you have.

Frequent posts keep your users happy and existing customers also come back more often.

Final Thoughts

Although these are the 10 most important tips for creating a better interactive website using WordPress. It is also important to make a note of the different plugins that are available in the market to use with WordPress.

Some of the best interactive plugins for your website using WordPress are Quiz And Survey Master, PlayBuzz, Aesop Story Engine etc.

These plugins not only make your website more interactive but also prove to be an asset in different portfolios of your business. You can now focus more on audience engagement by use of these interactive plugins.

Apply these top 10 tips and instructions to make your website more interactive using WordPress and its different plugins today!

Editor’s Note: This post has been edited extensively for accuracy and relevancy. It was originally published in Oct 16, 2016.


  1. Nice Article. I am learning wordpress and little bit working on it by creating a blogging website for my own, So this additional information would really help me a lot. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks for the info. I have been using WordPress for last 5 years and it’s really worth to use WordPress because of the user-friendliness and flexibility to use WordPress.


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