Best Responsive Web Design Inspiration By Ray Creations

Showcasing a few Responsive Website Inspiration to get you inspired. Especially for those looking to design a new website for your business or venture. Or to get your outdated website redesigned. These are some of the best Responsive websites we have designed for our clients from around the globe.

Most people today are aware of the need for a mobile friendly site. And many today are aware of the possibility of creating a site that displays well on all devices.

But for those who still do not know what a Responsive Website means, I am going to quickly write an overview. Just to acquaint you with the basics of what it is and how it can help you in marketing your website or business.

In the meantime, you can also read my article here, A Brief Overview Of Responsive Web Design, if you want to go a little bit more in depth.

Responsive or Mobile Friendly Web Design

Responsive is a technique wherein the website responds to the device width and adjusts to provide an optimal view suited to the device. Therefore, if a user is viewing your website on a Desktop and switches to an iPad, the website would automatically adjust to the new device. Thus continually providing an optimal viewing experience.

Why is this important? Well, because there are so many devices in the market today with different screen sizes. Therefore, it is not practical to create a website for every device. In short, you cannot create a mobile site for every device in the market. Yet, it is important to be accessible on the mobile platform not to miss out on the big chunk of customers using those devices. Therefore, the solution is Responsive web design.

This technology has been around for some time now and yet not many sites have caught up with it. Most websites you see today are still not ready for the mobile audience. And missing out on potential customers.

Showcasing Mobile Friendly Websites For Inspiration

Today I want to showcase a few Responsive websites we have designed. This will not only prove to be an inspiration but also motivate you, as a site/business owner to go Responsive with your own site. To see the sites in action, simply re-size your browser or open the sites on your mobile devices, and notice how they change the layout.

Though we have included in the screenshot how those sites look on Mobiles & Tabs.

Best Responsive Web Design By Ray Creations

TECHNI Waterjet – North America

techni waterjet

TECHNI’s Mission is to be a manufacturer of reliable, innovative waterjet products and services. To provide quality, that their customers will receive superior value. While their employees and business partners will share in their success.

Their website falls into the category of industrial web design or manufacturing. They offer some of the best products & services related to Waterjet Cutting Systems. The website also integrates an Events sections, where you can upload all their latest happenings and exhibitions. A blog section, titled “News”, to post articles and company news & updates.

The website also has an integrated custom ecommerce shop, called “Spare Parts”, built with WooCommerce. Their existing customers & a large number of worldwide distributors can order parts for their Waterjet cutting machinery, by placing orders online.

View site >>

Contact Instruments – Canada


Contact Instruments is one of Canada’s only OEM drilling instrumentation manufacturers. They strive to provide unique instrumentation solutions to the global drilling and well servicing market.

Whether it’s a simple replacement part or a complete instrumentation rig-up, Contact provides cost effective and reliable solutions. All Contact products are assembled in their Canadian Production facility located in Leduc, Alberta.

Each product is put through stringent in-house QC before it is shipped to clients.

We built something that is minimal and non-cluttered. Simple elegant design with a focus on products they manufacture. They didn’t want a shop, so we focused mainly on showcasing the products. The products page has a clean good quality image, with ample description of the industrial product itself.

This would no doubt fall in the category of industrial web design inspiration.
View site >>

The Universal Church – USA

Universal Church

Although this church has been in existence since 1959 and originated in Modesto, California, its presence is felt most strongly by its unique ability to connect its members and ministers via the internet. This law is the unifying concept that encourages all members to peacefully determine their own path towards spiritual growth and development.

Again the Universal church website is very simple with sober colors. They wanted a website that would be easy to extend. So we designed it in a way that makes it easy to add new pages and posts. It lets you add a unique header to every page.

So you can simply log in and add more page from the Dashboard. The simple design makes replicating the theme on new pages every easy. It was designed keeping simplicity in mind.

It is a good example of church web design inspiration.

View site >>

Look & Act Presidential – Japan

Look & Act Presidential

This website aims to share useful information around the topic of self-development for men of all ages who have the objective to live their life to the fullest. Articles are written mainly in English but sections in both Japanese and French are available as well.

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Ray Templates

ray templates

Ray Templates – Featuring the best of web design & WordPress themes from around the world.

This is one of our own websites. We coded this website from scratch and tried to use as less plugins as possible. We didn’t want to be dependent on plugins to get its functionality right. So we coded everything ourselves.

Ray Templates is a website where anyone can submit their sites to showcase it. It goes through an approval process and then featured on the site. The sites serve as an inspiration for both businesses looking for a new site, and for designers alike.

View site >>



This is again one of our own sites. You can buy our themes here. We thought of using existing plugins to put everything together. However, we wanted complete control over the features. Therefore, we developed the WordPress plugin ourselves. The plugin integrates with the site and adds the necessary functionality to see our themes.

RayThemz offer premium WordPress themes that one can buy and then directly download from his or her account.

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Survivre Londres – UK

Survivre Londres

SurvivreLondres is a non-profit website. It is hosted in England and its content written by Quebec and Canadian volunteers working in the City (UK Wall Street) in London. The site’s mission is to help the reader gain work experience in investment banking or financial mathematics in London.

This site has been designed to act like a community. Built on WordPress, it has a Blog and a Forum. People can network with each other, send messages, and of course communicate on topics.

The website is also capable of managing advertisements. It has the look and feel of a Newspaper or Magazine site.

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Tax & Super Direct – Australia

Tax & Super Direct – Australia

The company says this about themselves:

We are not your typical accounting or financial planning firm. Our advisers are uniquely qualified in the areas of tax, accounting, financial planning, and law. We assist individuals, small businesses, investors and retirees on a range of things from personal tax returns to complex estate planning matters…

This is an accounting & financial planning website. It has a very clean and structured look. The WordPress theme is hand coded. Therefore, no unnecessary Js, CSS files are included in the theme. This makes the website very lightweight.

It has an Events plugin integrated with the site. Making it possible to list events on the website itself.

View site >>

Pietra Bianca – Australia

Pietra Bianca – Australia

The Pietra Bianca site has a very elegant and luxurious feel to it. It is very minimalist with lots of images.

Pietra Bianca manufactures baths and bathroom products that are pure luxury. Designs aimed at creating a strong focal point in any bathroom suite. With a wide range of options capturing the essence of yesteryear or embodying a modern feel with subtle contemporary styling.

We had the challenge to design something that would depict all that. It does not have a gallery. But a network of pages and sub-pages, giving the feel of categories & sub-categories.

It also has a beautiful blog with informative posts.

Just like all other sites, it is fully Responsive. And displays optimally on all devices.

View site >>

HDL Schule – Germany

HDL Schule – Germany

It is a prestigious academic institution based in Germany. The school has campuses in Hamburg & Sotterbach. A very minimalist approach with a video on the homepage. It has photo galleries, a news section, and a Newsletter signup.

The website is designed in a such a way that it is very easy to add Galleries to the site. It is also easy to add new pages and sections on the website. The design is automatically replicated or added to the news pages & sections.

It also has a 100% mobile friendly design.

View site >>

CQ Legal


CQ Legal is a dynamic local law firm in QLD, Australia. It is committed to strong, affordable representation for their clients, ethical community minded business practices and firm moral representation of your rights.

The business needed an online presence to list its various legal services catering to its various client’s needs. For this legal website design, we used appropriate colors & images. And also created various sections to segregate its services.

Being accessible on all devices helps them reach a wider audience.

View site >>

So how did you find the Responsive Website Inspiration? Are you inspired? Do you believe a Responsive website will help your business?

Responsive Site Are Cost Effective

Many people mistake Responsive websites to be expensive and believe it would add up to their business cost. To the contrary it is actually very affordable and is within the reach of all businesses. It should be treated as an investment for the business, as it, in fact, works for your business.

A good Responsive website ensures that your business is not only accessible online, but across all devices and platforms. It is just beautiful how the design layout changes on the fly when someone rotates their mobile or handheld device.

Hope the sites above have served as in inspiration for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you believe we can help you improve or design a new website for you, just like we have done for our valued customers above.

We would love to hear from you. Request a free quote now.

Editor’s Note: This post has been edited extensively for accuracy and relevancy. It was originally published in Apr 30, 2014 @ 16:19

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