Business Without A Website?

I fail to understand how a business can continue to run without a website in this day and age, when almost everyone has a Twitter or a Facebook account and majority of the people go online for one reason or the other? What makes businesses think that their business not being online does not makes a difference to their sales? Logic and common sense both say that businesses without a website are missing out on prospective customers, and rightly so too.

So what could be some of the reasons that keep these businesses from getting a business website? In my opinion, it is a combination of many factors, rather than just one. Most businesses that are being operated by not so young keep believing that they can continue to do business as they did many years ago. If it worked then, why wouldn’t it work now? They fail to see the changed trend in society. I also see an element of arrogance in businesses owners in thinking that they can continue without a website as they have been doing for so long. They fail to see the missed opportunity here. Another factor would be ignorance or a certain level of internet illiteracy among these business men. I said, internet illiteracy, they may be highly literate otherwise.

Traditional methods of advertising are obsolete now. How many people do you seriously know that still use the Yellow Pages to look up for business information? However, I know of many people that still continue to advertise in the Yellow Pages. They do this because they have been doing this for many years now and are ignorant not to look for the newer opportunities that the internet offers them. Traditional methods are increasingly being replaced by the search engines these days. This is true for any product or services either local or global.

A recent study suggests that 92% of all people who researched online for a product or service bought the same product or service locally at least once. This shows the significance of a website to a local business. Website is no longer exclusively for the global business but increasingly important for the local businesses today.

Many businesses are still spending advertising dollars in the wrong place. They find money spent on a website design as an expense and therefore better avoided. They fail to see it as an investment and an opportunity to get more clients.

It is also true that websites have become a lot more affordable now than it was some years back. You can get a website today at a much lesser price now. I would say that, you can find a designer that suits your budget. However, one should not always go for the cheap ones but should also consider what is being offered for that price. There are many things to consider when getting a website designed, which I will cover in another post sometime later.

Okay, so if you are one of those businesses that still continue without a website, think again. People who do not change with the times fade away. This is also true for businesses. So get a website designed today.

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