Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design, also known as RWD, is the future of the web. With so many people projected to use the internet using their mobile and hand held devices that we cannot any longer ignore this segment. Primarily, majority of all sites today cater to the desktop user. Most websites today are designed keeping in view the desktop user in mind, but the scenario is changing fast as many are using the internet today using their mobile and handheld devices. And the trend is picking up fast. See the report here.

So what is Responsive and how can it help?

To a layman, Responsive means a mobile friendly website that open on all mobiles, tabs, iPads, Desktops and Laptops at the same time. It adjusts automatically for optimum viewing without the need to resize, zoom, horizontal scrolling etc.

A more technical explanation would be that a Responsive website loads the same HTML and content but different CSS layouts based on the device being used to view it, so that the user continually has an optimum viewing experience. You can learn more here

This simply means that your website will be mobile ready. Your mobile website will not have a separate domain. Your mobile website will essentially be the same website as your desktop website but arranged in a different layout to suit the mobile user. So your do not have to maintain multiple mobile websites for multiple mobile devices. Just one website serves the same purpose as multiple mobile sites. This is, of course, much easier to maintain and since this does not create multiple urls, therefore, it is also SEO friendly.

For those that already have a website, try opening it on a mobile device and you will see how difficult it is to interact and navigate through the website. A mobile user is very unlikely to stay on the website and for businesses, it means less business.

Every website has to be mobile ready in the near future, as more people will be accessing your site using mobile devices rather than a desktop in the near future.

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